Why Lagos Can’t Get Enough of DTF Sundays

Lagos’ nightlife scene pulsates with energy, infectious sounds and vibrant experiences. Keeping its nightlifers consistently engaged and excited is no easy feat, yet Jaybreeze, the mastermind behind DTF Sundays, has cracked the code. 
‘Down-To-FLex’ Sundays has consistently defied the odds and become a Lagos nightlife staple. But what is it about Jaybreeze and his party that keeps Lagosians coming back for more, Sunday after Sunday?

The recipe is a potent blend of Jaybreeze’s unique background. Unlike your average party host, Jaybreeze boasts a resume as diverse as Lagos itself.
He’s a seasoned hypeman, a songwriter with a knack for crafting infectious melodies, and a talented A&R. This multifaceted experience informs every aspect of DTF Sundays, allowing Jaybreeze to not just throw a party, but curate a vibe.

His DTF Sundays has also become a hidden gem for those in the entertainment industry. Regular listening parties are a feature, fostering a space for collaboration and discovery.  This industry relevance was on full display when “Who Is Your Guy” remix dropped. Not only did Tiwa Savage perform the song live at DTF Sundays, all the guys she mentioned in her verse were present that very night, making it an unforgettable experience for attendees.
In the past three years, Jaybreeze has cultivated a loyal following who not only attend DTF Sundays religiously but also spread the word, bringing in new members to the ever-growing community. 

Having partied and hosted parties and concerts in over 36 countries and multiple arenas, Jaybreeze isn’t satisfied with just conquering Lagos. He has his sights set on exporting the infectious energy and diverse experiences of DTF Sundays to a global audience.
This ambition stems from his experience of taking the DTF experience to other major cities. He’s already successfully hosted DTF Sundays in nightlife hotspots like New York, Atlanta, LA, and London. These international DTF Sundays not only showcase Lagos’ vibrant energy to a global audience but also serve as a springboard for connecting talent across borders.

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