10 Interesting Characters You Will Meet at A Halloween Party in Lagos

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated globally and has also become a part of the Lagos social scene. Celebrated every October 31st, don’t be surprised to see Halloween-themed parties in different parts of the city. From costume parties to horror movie screenings, there’s always a spooky social gathering. We understand many people might be nervous, especially when you aren’t attending with friends or have no clue of the type of people you will be meeting. 

However, a Halloween party allows you to not only meet different people but play dress up the way you like. You can wear things that would normally get the police called on you and act up without being judged.

Let’s give you an idea of the type of people you might run into at a Halloween party/event so that when you think of attending any, you can choose who you want to be and fit in better!

1. The Politicians
It is almost impossible for you to go to a Halloween party without seeing people who choose to imitate a past politician or a present one. You will see people dressed as Tinubu, Buhari, Obasanjo, Lai Muhammed, Okonjo Iweala, and any great politician they choose for whatever reasons. Others may dress up as a politician who has some level of social currency. Just don’t forget to hail them in their political party slogan. Power!

2. The Zombies
A Halloween party without zombies is never complete. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works and people love to bring them to life during Halloween. Luckily, Zombie costumes are so easy to pull off, with fake blood and old clothes, you’re good to go. If you ever run into one, be careful of hugging these types of people so you don’t end up with fake blood all over your costume for the rest of the night. *Cues in Michael Jackson’s Thriller*

3. Celebrity Impersonators
If you’re not a celebrity, Halloween might turn you into one. These guys are the ones that become their favourite celebrities so try to be star-struck when you see them. The only challenge is identifying the celebrity they’re impersonating without having to ask.

4. The Best Dressed
In everything that happens, we are sure you know some people do the most or ‘mostest’, if there’s anything like that.  These kinds of people perhaps started planning and researching their costumes months before to avoid stories that touch. They’re also the ones trying to win the prize for best dressed and will go to every costume competition with their customized costumes.

5. The ‘Last-Second’ Guest
Everyone has been this type of character at least once. You get dragged out by a friend last minute and just decide to wing it.  You probably didn’t even know it was Halloween and you couldn’t find a convenient lie to tell to excuse yourself.  Yes, you! We know ourselves.
Thankfully, it’s easy to get away with this since you can just use some makeup to paint your face or draw something random on your body.

6. The Single Ladies
Either a group of ladies by the bar or a single lady in the corner, you will always find the single pringle females at every Halloween party. These girls are out to enjoy, gossip and mingle. But only talk to them if you’re ready to spend. In the words of the infamous Bobrisky, They’re quite expensive, they’re not for everybody but it doesn’t mean they can’t be nice to you. Do you get?

7. The Cosplayer
The Cosplayer is the one you will see with your favourite character’s costume. From Game of Thrones to Squid Game or even Naruto they always get it to the nines and you won’t have a problem identifying who they are impersonating. Don’t be surprised to find out they are TV Shows fanatics.  

8. The Couple Goals
When these people step in, everyone screams ‘God when’. They always come to a Halloween party in matching or supporting costumes that screams effort. They use Halloween costumes as a sign of how deep and strong their love is and they tend to rub it on your faces. These are also the type of people that will do a Christmas photoshoot. P.S, We love to see it.

9. The Drinker
These people don’t even bother to make an effort with their costumes because they only have an agenda, to drink.  You will find them by the bar with their glass of whiskey or by the corner with their red cups just vibing alone. 

10. The Oblivious Guest
These ones don’t care for Halloween or what not, they’re only there for a good time and maybe a long time. They are not concerned about what is happening and just want to have fun alone or with friends. Don’t ask for their costumes it literally doesn’t exist. 


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