12 Exciting Things to Do in Lagos Under N5,000

For a city with over 15 million people, Lagos has gained several epithets over the years. For many, it is the ‘City that Never Sleeps’, and rightly so – with a boisterous nightlife, surfeit of edifices, restaurants, attractions and cozy spots, Lagos is a city filled with innumerable discoveries to be made.

While ranked the second most expensive city to live in Africa, according to a report by Mercer, what may come as a shock to many, especially those sojourning, is that there are a medley of ways to treat yourself to fun memories and adventures, without having to break the bank in Lagos.

For this article, we’ve put together a list of fun things under N5,000 you can do. From bubbly outdoor activities to luscious foods and drinks, we are showing you how to ‘ball on a budget’ in Lagos.

  1. Visit an Art Gallery

For art buffs and connoiseurs, immersing yourself in a world of intricate works of art does not have to leave a dent on your budget. You can treat yourself to a tour of sophisticated artworks at different galleries in Lagos.

Weekender Recommends: Nike Art Gallery, Art Twenty One.

Entry: Free

  1. Kayaking– N3,000-N5,000

If you enjoy water activities, then it should come as no surprise that kayaking has gained ground among sports enthusiasts in Lagos. It’s a very easy water sport that involves you, a kayak and a paddle. Trust us, you’ll enjoy it. 

Weekender Recommends: Book a session with the folks at Nothing to do in Lagos.

  1. Silent Disco-N3,000-N5,000

Enjoy access to 3 different DJs with 1 headphone and choose your vibe, how cool is that? You can use the rest of the cash to buy a drink. 

Weekender Recommends: Silent Disco Nigeria & House of Oni

  1. Visit Lekki conservation centre- N1,500-N3000

Enjoy a walk with nature and explore the longest canopy walk in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Centre.

  1. Go Kart– N2,500

Enjoy some racing adventure with Go-kart. You can also go with friends and compete and buy the winner a drink.

Weekender Recommends: Upbeat Centre, Lekki

  1. Lufasi Nature Park– N1,000

Connect and interact with nature , and explore some recreational and team-building activities at the park. 

  1. Tacos and beer-N4000 and above

 Check out Tacos Tuesdays at Bature Brewery, N5,000 should get you a few tacos and a bottle of Bature beer and you get the chance to hangout with  the coolest people in Lagos.

  1. Visit the New Afrika Shrine- N2,000

Check out the legendary Afrobeat home to enjoy live music for N2,000 only and you can use the rest of the cash to buy their delicious suya and beer. You might be lucky to catch Fela’s son and grandson Femi Kuti and Made Kuti perform. 

  1. Salsa Night

Catch one of the Salsa classes/ Night at different spots in Lagos

Entry: Free (most times) 

Weekender Recommends: Casper & Gambinis, Ikeja Salsa Nights.

  1. Cycle with Bikaholics Community- N3,500

Join the cycling community for a bike tour of the city. You get to burn calories, meet new people and enjoy the view of Lagos. You can rent a bike for just N3,500

  1. Watch a local Sports match- N1,000-N5,000

You don’t have to travel to Old Trafford to watch a live football match. For as low as N1,000 you can Enjoy a live football match of the local leagues at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere and enjoy celebrity appearances with the fan base of each local league.

Weekender Recommends: Sporting Lagos

  1. Visit the Beach- N1,000-N3,000

Have a fun day out at the several public beaches in Lagos. Entry fees are usually between N1,000-N3,000.

There you have it! While the metropolitan city is known for its highbrow restaurants and chill spots, Lagos is still very much a city where you can ball and make adventurous memories without spending too much.

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