7 Types of Desserts in Lagos and Where to Find Them

There’s something exciting about being served something yummy at the end of a nice meal. Most people look forward to trying out the dessert menu when eating out, as it is delightful to explore the variety and refinement of the dessert menu. It’s poetic that this part of the meal, which most people look forward to the most, is served as the last course, but we cannot say it’s not worth the wait. 
You’ve most likely been tempted to ignore the main dishes and focus on the sweets when eating out in Lagos for obvious reasons and you’re certainly not alone. So, if you are a dessert lover and you are looking for the best desserts to try in Lagos, here are our recommendations:

Soft Serve

Location: Softs
oft serve is a frozen dessert that is very similar to ice cream. When compared, soft serve is softer and less dense as it is produced by freezing a heat-treated mixture of the necessary ingredients. Softs, with locations at The Good Beach and Ikeja, is a nice place to try this yummy dessert. 


Location: Cactus
Even from its name, you can tell that macaron is a fancy snack. It is a sophisticated dessert that requires high-end ingredients and a delicate preparation process. This is why you won’t just find it anywhere like most other desserts as not everyone has what it takes to make a perfect macaron. However, it’s safe to say that Cactus has hacked this dessert as we tried it there and it was just as lovely as we expected. 

Frozen Rolls

Location: Frozen Rolls, Lekki
Yes, we’ve all had ice cream, but have you tried the frozen rolls? Is it regular ice cream or a different type? We might not have the answers to all your questions, but you can get them by trying out these frozen rolls. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to get ice cream in Lagos, thanks to the humid temperature. Feel free to indulge anytime!


Location: Churros Delight, Ikoyi
Churros are similar to cinnamon sugar donuts in taste but have a completely different texture. The insides of this dessert are fluffy like that of a doughnut and they have crispy ridges which help to hold the cinnamon sugar in place. They are perfect for the sweet tooth and the best place to try them in Lagos is at Churros Delight. 


Location: Hans & René
Gelato is a popular Italian dessert, but who said you can’t have it in Lagos? We might not have tried the Gelato in Italy. However, we believe we can take Temi Otedola’s word for it as she has vouched for the gelato at Hans & René and you should definitely stop by to try it too.


Location: Sweet Kiwi Yogurt, Lekki
If you are a yogurt lover, then you should definitely visit Sweet Kiwi Yogurt at Lekki. You’d find an insane variety of flavours here and get to try out new offerings that you might not find at any other spot across the country. 


Location: Ice Cream Factory
Cheesecake is a delightful dessert with a rich and creamy flavor. It is typically made with soft fresh cheese, eggs and sugar. It is the perfect combination of sweet and rich with a unique flavor that melts into the mouth. The Ice Cream Factory has a lot of amazing desserts, but you should definitely try out the red velvet cheesecake here as it is top-notch. It has the right texture that just melts into your mouth, the right amount of moistness and it’s just as delicious as it can get. 

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