6 Unconventional Places to find love in Lagos


We are still in the season of L-O-V-E and as the month comes to a close we want to give the lonely hearts a few tips on finding love in Lagos. This post was initially meant to be sarcastic but after sampling opinions we can duly tell you it is a valid list.
We hope that you find your missing rib and treat them next Valentine’s day.
We have put together 6 unconventional places to find love in our city.
While you are waiting for your share of the community meal, you may come across your lifetime partner. We must warn you this option is not for vegetarians though. You might meat sorry meet your prince charming or princess here but you need to have the sight of an eagle to spot him/her because we all know Suya is only sold at night. Some of our favourite Suya Spots include Polo Club Ikoyi, Ogudu road,Glover Court suya and you can add to the list if you have any in mind.
You just keep ordering ‘with style’ until that ‘special person’ shows up! The truth is they are always around us, we are not just patient enough to discern. We must warn you though, meeting people at night can be deceptive you might want to take them to a well lit area before you exchange contact.
The Love of your life might be the one standing in line as wait for the BRT bus on your way to or from work. You may have come across him once or twice like the case of Tiwa (not real name) who met her husband at the Tafawa Balogun Square BRT terminal in Onikan, She and her husband Tunde worked on the same street, Military road Onilkan and she would walk to the terminal to catch the bus heading to Surulere at 6pm every work day. Tiwa did not realise that the man of her dreams was the well dressed guy always in lone with her at the terminal. Unknowingly, he had tried severally to talk to her but since she always had earphones on she would not even look in his direction. It took the loss of the earphones for Tiwa to notice her missing rib and dates and chats later they walked down the aisle. Moral of the story always try to look your best to look good anytime you head out you never know when your missing rib will appear.
You can also find your love in those yellow coloured ‘tuketuke’ that run around town. You can’t rule out the fact that Keke is a life saver when it comes to transport in this city and Your love might be the one sitting next to you. The Keke is quite an intimate form of transport as there is only room for three people at the back seat so you can comfortably shoot your shot. Makes it better if there’s just the two of you at the back seat with the Lagos wind blowing and you two locking eyes. Dreamy right? Talk about a perfect Zee world Love story. Let’s give you a tip, you can offer to pay the fare to kick things off or simply tell the Rider to be careful as there’s a queen in the Keke. Get it?
Another unconventional place to find love is on a Uber or Taxify trip. Your missing rib might be the rider or driver ,which ever. The time spent on the ride is more than enough to bond with them and know their interests and you really don’t have to exchange contacts the platform has already done that just in case they are proving difficult.
The man of your dreams could be that hunk that came to pick you from your useless bae’s place. Let’s look at Dotun’s case for example. He met another guy in the apartment he rented for his girl and even came to surprise her with a box of cupcakes. Needless to say, the Taxify driver who dropped him off introduced him to a better girl and they are engaged now.
 Anyway, be cautious when displaying your hoe skills so your story doesn’t turn out like the Taxify guy and ‘you know who’ story.
Banking halls are always busy so there’s high chance that your huk is lurking somewhere on the queue. A simple ‘can i borrow your pen’ can lead to ‘will you give me your heart’. Banking hall also gives you different options, you can find love in the guy/lady at the counter or vice versa.
Do your best to always look good and smart when  going to the bank if you’re single.
We must really commend the Lagos state government for reconstructing and upgrading the parks around Lagos, these Parks seem to be another place to find love in this side of town. You can sit by  the park and go soul mate searching. The environment encourages relationships and the aesthetic is really nice for you to get a pretty ‘we fie’. Let’s give you a tip, once you find that special person you’re  interested in, approach them and kindly ask them to take pictures of you. You can kick things off from there.
Love is in the air, all you need do is open your heart and be expectant.
Good luck!


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