International Women’s Day: Focus on Weekenderwomen

It was International Women’s Day a few days ago with the theme being ‘Embracing equity’. In commemoration with this, we would love to put the spotlight on amazing women in the weekender community that have mastered the art of doing what they love while having fun. 

We’re celebrating Women all month long and would like to celebrate every female member of our community. You’re loved, seen and amazing! 

Chidinma – Extroverted tech sis

My name is Chidinma Okechukwu and I’m a Business analyst and a Product manager. I have more than 3 years experience in the role and it’s been an interesting experience. I have worked on different projects across different industries and it’s a career path that I totally feel in love with. The process of developing an idea into an actual product is amazing and I look forward to that in all my projects.

The peak of my career would be working on a freelance platform that is worth millions of dollars as the Product Owner. I also have other projects including a Fintech application and other very interesting projects (NDA) protected. I studied another discipline in university but I was determined to learn tech skills and it’s been a beautiful journey so far.

It’s not always easy but it’s worth it completely.

I am currently in the process of building my own startup with a few friends to provide valuable solutions to needs of our people.

Olanrewaju – A proof that you shouldn’t doubt yourself

I’m Olanrewaju, a Customer Success Expert with almost 10 years experience.

The most prominent professional achievement for me was after being in a job position for about 5 years, I changed jobs and was promoted twice in 2 years.

Getting the promotions was a validation of how awesome I knew I already was.

I’m in a lead role now which I truly couldn’t have seen happening 2 years ago.

Chikki – She is not your regular teacher

I’m Chika but I like to be called Chikki. It’s a pet name my dad gave me. I used to be his favourite.

I am a teacher. I just love seeing my pupils grow into responsible teenagers and adults. Having interesting conversations with some of them gives me joy.

One of my greatest achievements is developing an indigenous digital teaching resource platform for Nigerian teachers and parents, which is launching soon.

Then again, I absolutely love what I do.

Anthonia – Tech sis, Entrepreneur and Microbiologist

I’m Anthonia Udomoh and I currently function as a Brand Entrepreneur.

I serve as the Creative Lead for Aksesori World, a Corporate Gifting & Apparel Company with a strong clientele base.

Prior to my entrepreneurship role, I served as an Employee Performance Manager for a period of 4 years, building key solutions for staff productivity across all levels.

I have a BSc. in Microbiology and a MSc. in Medical Microbiology with several other certifications, one of them includes Data Analysis.

I am a strong believer of community development and currently volunteer for Arise Impact, an NGO that empowers people living with disability (PLWD)

Giselle – HR professional on weekdays, turnup queen by weekend

My name is Giselle and I’m a HR professional.

Everyday that I show up to work is a professional achievement for me. I solve problems, I lead teams, I train and develop talent, I develop and implement systems. Most of all, my biggest achievement is showing up even when I don’t feel like it.

I encourage women today to not be scared to “do it”. Do not let anyone tear you down. You are bold, you are courageous, you are strong, you are smart! You can DO IT!

Happy Women’s Day!

Opeoluwa – Growing a business out a passion for food

My name is Opeoluwa Ogunwale. I’m the founder of Auntie Ope’s Kitchen and FancybyOpe. Both brands were born from my love for good food and holistic self care. I am also a filmmaker.

I used to work in the corporate world and was so scared to leave because people told me I was a woman and doing business is not easy for women in Nigeria but I knew I didn’t want to keep earning salary, rather I wanted to pay others, so I embarked on this beautiful journey of entrepreneurship and I must say it has not been easy but it’s worth it. Women can do anything.

All we need is a “can do” spirit. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot thrive. Start that business. Take that course. Take that trip. You can do it. You are enough.

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