6 Must-Visit Beach Resorts in Lagos This December

Your Detty December experience in Lagos is not complete without a visit to at least one of the breathtaking beaches in the city. People travel from around the country just for this experience, and December is the best time to see these beaches in full glory. Beach parties are rampant in December, and there are generally more activities around this time of the year as everyone is looking to visit. 

The best part is that many of these beaches have world-class resorts and rental beach houses open to visitors who want a staycation at the beach. We have reviewed the beach resorts in Lagos and have compiled a list of the best ones we found in 2023. They are:

Ziba Beach Resort

Ziba Beach Resort is located in Okun Ajah Lagos. However, it gives off a vibe that makes guests feel as though they are in the Maldives or on a pretty Island somewhere out of the country. Ziba is a remake of an overwater resort, as all the rooms here are built over a massive pool rather than the ocean. All the guests here have easy access to the ocean and direct access to the massive pool from the comfort of their rooms. It is the perfect location for a staycation with friends or family, as it has activities and amenities for different age groups. At Ziba guests have the luxury to experience a beachside picnic, a family beachside dinner, a games room, paint and chill, massage sessions, a bonfire, and there is even a standard playground for kids. 

Breeze Beach Club

Breeze Beach Club, located in Oniru, Victoria Island, is a luxurious beach resort with an exclusive experience as it only serves members who make an annual payment of $2,000. As expected, every experience at this resort is premium, as all of its guests are VIPs. There’s free unlimited Wi-Fi, an all-inclusive breakfast, room service, laundry service, and a world-class restaurant. This beach club offers the ultimate beach experience, and it is perfect for people who need something exclusive and entertaining. 

YOLO Island

YOLO Island is a new private beach resort at Ibeshe that provides the perfect getaway experience. This new gem is an all-inclusive beach resort featuring standard facilities, including a beautiful landscape, six grand chalets with ocean views, large swimming pools, a sports court, a spa and a gym. Of course, there is also a standard restaurant and bar open to guests and a multipurpose entertainment space.

Vogue Beach Resort

Vogue Beach Resort, only a kilometre away from Landmark is a beachfront location featuring an accommodation with a terrace and room service, a private parking space, a standard restaurant and bar and free unlimited Wi-Fi access. This resort also promises a fun time with a pool for guests to take a dip, an outdoor games area, and a massage parlour. This beach resort also does not slack when it comes to entertainment, events and parties. 

Simons Beach Resort

Simons Beach Resort, located in Ilashe, is a coastal luxury all-inclusive boutique resort for people who enjoy the finer things in life and want to indulge for a few days. Simons is the perfect spot for a getaway after a stressful week, just to enjoy some luxury and pampering. It is also perfect for a group staycation as it has several enticing group packages and amenities to accommodate groups. 

234 Lofts

234 Lofts located in the heart of Lekki is another waterfront resort in Lekki with a beautiful view of the ocean. This resort has 12 lofts accommodation for guests who want a getaway. This resort has premium cabanas, a massage palour and a standard restaurant and bar. It also has a nice space, big enough for events and group hangouts

A staycation in a Lagos beach resort should be in your plans this December, as it is the perfect way to give yourself some rest and well-deserved enjoyment after a long year. Which of these resorts have you been to, and which ones are you looking forward to visiting before the end of the year?

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