MAN CRUSH MONDAY : The Men in Our Music

  Happy Monday and happy new week Lagos! Sure you had an amazing weekend. Your weekend can never be boring in Lagos as long as you have me. I had quite a busy weekend as always, several events to attend and a photo shoot as well.
Anyway, I’m doing a Man Crush Monday post today which I’ve actually wanted to do all this while but couldn’t find time to write.
 I’m now putting a disclaimer on this post:   1. It’s just my fickle imagination.
2. I have never met nor had a relationship with these stars.
3. I’m writing based on their music, brand, and stage presence.
So ain’t nobody judging anybody. I’m just trying to have fun.

I have written about seven male artistes that I believe are loved by most ladies (in no particular order) and I’ve carefully studied their songs, delivery, their social media lifestyle, their music and of course fashion sense and total brand. Hence, this article.

Wizkid: Mr Magic
Is someone asking why Wizkid is Mr Magic? Well, that’s because our darling Wizkid has got the magical hands and enchants us with good music. Every beat he touches, turns to gold. How he does that, I have no idea. And have you seen his Babe, Tania? Dayuum! I’m thinking to myself, how would a pretty babe like that date a short guy like Wizkid if not with some local voodoo?(Forgive me) He’s got the charm, No lies! And we love him for that.
From churning hits upon hits, to winning our ladies’ heart, and even causing some to drop near dead! This dude has it all by the power of magic, he needs to check his roots to confirm he’s not related to the Pellers. Seeing him rolling with international stars like Drake, Chris Brown, Tinie Tempah and the way they all adore his sound is another topic for another day. Infact, I’m sensing he might be adding Rihanna or Beyonce to his baby mamas’ list or maybe Nicki Minaj since he mentioned her name in his song.

Kiss Daniel: The Lover boy

There are several reasons why Kiss Daniel is the Lover Boy on this list. To some people, I might be very wrong but who cares? I mean, just give a fresh listen to Kiss’ hit songs. Most of them are romantic songs and the lyrics are always so touching and emotional. Imagine someone asking,
‘…When I’m in captivity, would you come for me?’ (Mama 2016)
‘…I want to lose with you’ (Mama 2016)
.’…baby take my dukia’ (properties) (Laye 2015)
What more could you possibly want from a guy?
So, Daniel …Will you sing for me?

Tu-Face: The Baby Daddy

I know this has been over flogged but comman! Seen a man diligent in his daddy duties like TuFace? No.
Compared to his counterparts, he’s a loving family man. Tuface seem like that guy that would sing to you morning and night, if you’re an intending baby mama. He would help you take care of the babies and is not ashamed to show his support for you. He is that guy all baby daddies want to pattern their lives after. Sweet, I think.
Asides that, he can serenade you anytime.
‘.…You’re the girl of my dreams, you take me where I’ve never been. (African Queen, 2006)
‘…. I can get you implicated(Implication, 2010)
‘….I want to enter the place (your heart): (Enter the place, 2008)
And the award for most active baby daddy goes to…..

Ycee: The Young blood

Ycee! He is that kind of guy that cougars would love. Just look at him; sense of style? ✔ Check. Body? ✔ check. Swag?✔check. Dab?✔ check.
 His swag drips pop culture and everything in between and this dude has got a way around words.
‘… they tried to feed me beef but i told them boys wait for ramadan’ (Jagaban 2015). So if you’re ready to sugar him, he can teach you a thing or two about pop culture.

Davido: Daddy’s boy

Did y’all think I’ll skip him? Yeah I love Wizkid no doubt but boy, Davido is worth mentioning. He’s that guy that just isn’t ready to leave his father’s shadows and the drama he creates is so entertaining. But then, that’s his craft, he’s an entertainer so grab a seat.
David is that guy that’s always going to put ‘daddy‘ in every statement he makes. ‘My daddy just bought a jet!’ ‘OBO, I am the son of a rich daddy‘.
So, if you don’t mind the daddy effect, you’re welcome to sit with David. I’m sure some of y’all greedy girls might want to sit in between David and his dad you know, closeness to the father and son as well -Double dose. It also feels like you need to get his father’s approval before you can be his girl. Just saying.

Dbanj: The Performer

Energetic Dapo Oyebanji is always giving us ideas about his lower region, so what else do you want us thinking about him?. He mentioned that he’s ‘endowed‘, he’s got the ‘koko’ and he’s going to get you in a state that requires ‘emergency‘ when he comes through . (coughs). You definitely know what that means and of course we all know how much of a great performer he is (I mean on stage) Don’t we?

Adekunlegold: The Traditional man

If you go by any of the names Susan, Vanessa, Victoria, Mabel, Jasmine e.t.c. This guy aint for you. All them Sade, Bode,  Tolu, Yetunde, Orente (if that’s a name) get in here.
Just one look at Adekunle Gold will instantly tell you he’s somewhat drawn to his culture. He appreciates his cultural roots and embraces it which is quite evident in his songs.
Adekunle is that man that knows his place in a relationship and stays loyal to it, the typical ‘Yoruba Angel’. He is the guy who is searching for love, he’s also the one whose heart is broken (Strangely). Adekunlegold is a typical MAN, quite eloquent, can hold a conversation, he is humble and can make you laugh.(that’s a plus for me)
 Mr Dekunle is quite a ‘MAN’ you know (if you’re yoruba, OKUNRIN), he is that man that would go out hunting to ensure his family is not deprived of basic comfort and comes home into the waiting arms of his ‘Orente’ who doesn’t complain even if he brings home a Cockroach from his hunting expedition. He’s hardworking also, which is why we see him doing all sorts, graphics, music, photography, art and all just to make sure his family does not lack the good things of life.
I have a soft spot for Yoruba guys like Adekunlegold. He really should hit me up, I can be his Sade. I trust my sister will definitely be willing to let me use her name for a while.

That’s my list of our favourite MCMs in the Nigeria Music industry. If you think I opted your MCM out let me know in the comments section.
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Photo Credit: Instagram.
Big Shoutout to Seun, Toyosi and Kayode J. God bless y’all.

Have a productive week ahead fam!

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