This is an emergency Landing!!!!!! I’ve finally made my landing this weekend after a hiatus thanks to the very swift people of Uyo. (That’s a story for another day). Anyway, I’ve made this quick stop here so you can also make swift moves on this long weekend and not miss out! !! I’m all for impromptu (Forgive me) I’m that girl that would get dressed with no particular event in mind but will still get my groove on at the end of the night.

I absolutely love the Weekend. Guess why?! Because that’s when work starts for me. Yes, Work! Work is fun to me so I enjoy every day of the weekend. And this weekend is quite a big one because Monday is work free.
Monday is apparently a public holiday to commemorate Workers day in Nigeria. So here’s to the crazy long weekend ahead of us.So get your planners out and start to make a list of what to do, where to go and how to unwind.

Let’s start with Friday the 29th……
My first stop will be……

For the IJGBs and that includes the ones that went for service like me. Lol. This is your opportunity to socialise and get back into the Lagos vibe.


Next will be to quickly catch the ABL game!!!! It’s also great for socialising even if you don’t like basketball. I’m sure most girls are just there to sit pretty and socialise. So why not jump on it.


If you’re an art lover like me and you’ve got enough cash to splurge on incredible and timeless artworks then you should head on to the Lagos Art Auction Happening at Intercontinental Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos. Time is 7pm. Don’t be late .The best pieces might have been auctioned.

Don’t you just love hookups?!!!


Get your groove on in either of these clubs! It’s Friday so expect heavy shoki-ing, Shakitibobo-ing and of course get your Dab on!!!!! You can either choose one of these hot spots or club hop like I do (Peace Sign)

There’s Payday Friday at Nitro Club on Adeola Hopewell Victoria Island. I’m sorry I can’t provide graphics.

Let’s move rapidly to the rest of the events this weekend plus May 2nd!!!

Magic Lagos is a fusion of Music,Fashion and lifestyle put together by Kobo clothing and Dj skillz. The event is going down on May1st at the Pool side of Bellagio corporate suites ola shore street off Sanusi Fafunwa Victoria Island,Lagos.

That’s about it!!!! Don’t forget to stay close for more this weekend. I’m expecting a juicy weekend ahead!

Let’s unwind!!!!

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