Weekender Travel: My Experience at Angle Villa

There are so many hidden staycation spots in Victoria Island and Lekki. Angle Villa is no different. 

Conveniently tucked away in the heart of the Lekki, where fun spots are immediately easily accessible. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. From the outside, Angle Villa seems a little obscured, but once you step into the compound, you cannot help but notice the ‘angled’ design of the building, true to its name.

You’re also met with a charming outdoor bar situated to the right. The bar is an extension of the hotel’s restaurant; with a stretched-out space, a waterfall, and comfortable furniture to lounge in while you enjoy a drink or two. More interestingly, it stretches down to a shaded area that serves as a sort of private alcove. The space immediately emanates quiet luxury and comfort, a theme that resonates with the rest of the hotel. I like the clever use of the outdoor bar connecting the outside space with an indoor restaurant and lounge, both complementing each other quite nicely. 

From the desk of the receptionist, the staff appears to be quite polite and unpretentiously doing their jobs. My room happened to be in another part of the building that required a longer walk than I expected, but I wasn’t mad at it.

I liked what they did with the walkway, white tiles on a bed of stones and plant pots propped up on the walls. It is quite a pretty view. I also saw their lounge/club called Cloud 9. The quintessential decor and huge wine rack caught my attention immediately. It is the place to wind down after a long day and it’s typically a choice spot for clubbing for those ‘who know’. There’s a live band on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is also exciting for music lovers. 

I stayed in the Comfort Room. Priced at N45,000/$97 a night, it was a  highlight for me because I love that the space was utilised to the max. The room contained a queen-sized bed with a bed frame reflecting the ‘angle’ theme with furnishings following the predominant earth-tone colour palette.

There was a full-sized mirror against the wall adjacent to the bathroom, a decoratively lit alcove with a couch full of throw pillows, and a dressing table with a big-sized TV screen hanging above it. While the bathroom doesn’t offer much in the way of excitement, it more than makes up for it with its size, which is unusual for a building in Lekki. It comes with a long shower and a wide sink slab. The room had a working air conditioner, and the bed is as soft as it appears to be. 

The hotel provides complimentary breakfast, which is ordered in. Sadly, the breakfast choices are very limited; you either have an English or Nigerian breakfast. So I had to eat the same breakfast for the two nights I stayed. For lunch and dinner, I went to the indoor restaurant, which surprisingly offers a wide range of local and international delicacies at affordable rates, along with a range of cocktails and a shisha bar. I also noticed that a sizable number of customers at the restaurant are regulars with whom the staff is familiar. Even though it took longer than I anticipated, my food was delicious, and the portions were substantial.  

In all, my experience at Angle Villa was quite memorable and fun. It is a great spot for a hideaway if you want some ‘peace and quiet’ away from the noisy city. It offers luxury at an affordable rate and comfort for a memorable stay and I recommend it for a short business stay or a short staycation with easy access to attractions. 

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