“Nothing is Unreal” Exceeds Expectations in a Spectacular Debut Event

Following much anticipation, the maiden edition of “Nothing is Unreal” unfolded with remarkable success, leaving attendees fascinated and redefining the landscape of immersive entertainment in Nigeria.

The visionary mind of Founder and Creative Director, Mai Lasan, came to life as participants experienced a convergence of cutting-edge technology and artistic brilliance. The event, held at SOL Oniru between 1st to 9th December, showcased the collective genius of renowned artists.

Attendees were transported into realms where reality and imagination seamlessly intertwined. From the mesmerizing choreography by Hermes Ileye to the visually stunning landscapes crafted by Anita Shiru, each element of “Nothing is Unreal” worked in harmony to create an immersive experience like never before.

The digital landscapes envisioned by Gabrielle Salonga and Papadu seamlessly merged with the physical, while Claus Vega’s masterful sound engineering enhanced every emotion within the space. The architectural brilliance of Kelechi Odu provided the structural foundation for the seamless integration of technology, and Lady Donli’s musical compositions became the heartbeat of the entire encounter.

Flying Bushman’s murals and sculptures added a tangible, awe-inspiring dimension to the event, creating spaces that felt both fantastical and authentic. The expertise of Lightspeed Imaging’s lighting technicians brought each scene to life, ensuring that every moment was bathed in the perfect illumination.

As the event concluded with a sold-out finale concert by Lady Donli and The Lagos Panic, attendees left with a sense of wonder, having witnessed a groundbreaking moment in the world of immersive entertainment. With the captivating visuals by Mankind, it was the perfect way to end the NiU experience.

“Nothing is Unreal” has set a new standard, inviting audiences to reconsider what is possible and challenging the very definition of reality in the realm of entertainment.

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