8 Spots With The Best Live Bands in Lagos

As a Weekender, sometimes you just want something different to make you feel more alive, engaged and moved. Live music presents an opportunity for a vibrant and captivating experience that pulsates with the soul of Nigeria’s rich musical heritage. The city’s diverse and dynamic music scene offers an eclectic mix of genres, from traditional Afrobeat and highlife to contemporary pop, hip-hop, and jazz. Here are some top places to enjoy Live music with family and/or friends to uplift your spirits. 

1. Bogobiri House

Ikoyi | Fridays, 7pm
An iconic OG space, celebrated for its enduring presence and dedication to live music. A recognized haven for music enthusiasts, it’s renowned for cultivating talent through vibrant open mic events. Visit every Friday for their live music events including jazz, soul, and other genres.

2. Afefeyeye Restaurant & Bar

Ikeja | Thursdays, 7pm
If you’re looking for a spot with a more rustic feel, Afefeyeye is the spot for you. It’s a where local cuisines meet a multi-genre live band on Thursday nights. Immerse yourself into a world of live music and fresh palmwine on the side, it’s an unmissable experience.

3. Casper & Gambini’s 

Ikeja | Sundays, 7pm
Casper & Gambini is already known for their dining experience but did you also know that their live band is also one you have to experience at least once. Groove with the live band at their outdoor space every Sundays from 7:00pm

4. Freedom Park

Lagos Island | Fridays, 7pm 
This cultural centre often hosts live music performances, festivals, and other artistic events. The outdoor space also has a lounge to sip a drink or two while enjoying good music. You can find lots of creatives at this spot. 

5. Live Lounge

Victoria Island | Fridays, 7pm
Ever heard of a lounge designed for live performances? That would accurately describe Live lounge. This cute hideaway is the perfect wind down spot for live music, drinks and finger food. You can always join the live band every Friday or crack your ribs at their comedy nights on Wednesdays.

6. Astro Lounge

Ikeja | Sundays, 7pm
This relaxing hangout spot in Ikeja is known for its food, games, drinks and also its Sunday nights live music. 

7. Bature Brewery

Victoria Island | Fridays, 6:30pm
Creating their in-house unique beers with local ingredients, Bature Brewery not only offers great quality beer and food but also a top-notch live band that will have you out of your seat. 

8. New Afrikan Shrine

Ikeja | Saturdays & Sundays, 7:30pm
What is live music without a nod to the legendary New Afrika Shrine? A vibrant homage to Afrobeat’s birthplace, it pulsates with energetic performances. Founded by the iconic Fela Kuti, the Shrine is now curated by his son, Femi Kuti, it’s a must-visit for an unforgettable live music experience.

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