The Lagos Weekender Supports Businesses Threatened by Coastal Highway

The Lagos Weekender, your favourite digital media platform promoting tourism and hospitality experiences in Lagos, expresses our deep concern about the recent demolition of beaches like Landmark Beach to make way for the Calabar-Lagos coastal road project.
These beaches have been a cornerstone of tourism in Lagos, providing cherished memories, fun moments and a vibrant coastal scene. We recognize the significant impact this has on the affected businesses and the wider Lagos tourism landscape.

As a stakeholder in the Lagos’ tourism and hospitality sector, The Lagos Weekender is committed to supporting local businesses navigating this transition. To demonstrate our unwavering support, we are offering 3 months of FREE promotion on our esteemed platform to the affected establishments.
This extended publicity will promote their new business ventures, upcoming events and activities, or any future projects they may have in the pipeline. We believe in the resilience and innovation of these businesses, and we are here to help them connect with their loyal customers and thrive in this new chapter.
The Lagos Weekender remains dedicated to showcasing the diverse offerings and vibrant spirit of Lagos. We believe that by supporting local businesses like these beach establishments, we can ensure a continued thriving tourism and hospitality industry for our city.

“This is a challenging time for the affected businesses, but it’s also a time for community and collaboration,” says Sunkanmi Ogunniyi of The Lagos Weekender. “We are here to stand by them and offer our platform as a resource for them to connect with the Lagos community and continue sharing their unique experiences.”

We encourage everyone to join us in supporting these affected businesses. Stay tuned to our platform for updates on their new ventures and upcoming events. Together, we can ensure that Lagos remains a top destination for tourism and hospitality in Africa.

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