Top 8 Highest-Earning DJs in Lagos

Lagos is the entertainment hub of Nigeria. It is that city where there is always a fun event on every street corner, and a Lagos party is undoubtedly incomplete without a DJ entertaining guests with the best grooves. Several DJs are making waves in the industry, and it’s great to see that they are receiving their flowers recently. Being exceptional at what you do is great and would certainly help you command the big bucks in your career. This piece explores a list of exceptional disc jockeys spinning records and raking in the big dough.

DJ Crowd Kontroller

Crowd Kontroller only started learning how to DJ as a hobby during his time at the university since he has always loved music. His passion for music can be felt in every beat he has ever produced. This DJ’s love for music and beats has certainly paid off, making him one of the most sought-after jockeys in Lagos.

DJ Tunez

Tunez started out his career by being the official label DJ of Starboy Entertainment. His first official production was Iskaba with Wande Coal, which was a big hit as many described it as the 2nd best song of the year. From his early career stages, it was clear that Tunes would be making all the right moves, and his numbers are a testament. 

DJ Consequence

DJ Consequence is not a newbie in the entertainment scene. His ability to seamlessly mix different music genres and understand the kind of music each crowd enjoys is something not just any regular disc jockey can achieve.

DJ Obi

There’s no party like Obi’s house on Monday, and there’s no Obi’s house without THE DJ Obi. With impeccable skills, Obi has successfully pulled all the biggest names to his party on Mondays and no Monday party in Lagos can compare. 

DJ Big N

It’s no surprise that Big N is one of the highest-paid DJs in Lagos. Right from time, this DJ has helped several of Marvins’ top-billed acts with their records. He has released several Mavin-themed mixtapes, including the “Mavin All Stars” mixtape and many more. 

DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall is another legendary DJ and producer popularly known as The Cap because of his style edge and his music label called TheCapMusic. Spinall is an award-winning DJ who has broken boundaries in his career, released several albums, and collaborated with the biggest Afrobeats names. It’s only expected that this legend who set history as the first Nigerian DJ to play at festivals like Coachella will receive his flowers by earning the big dough. 

Jimmy Jatt

Jimmy Jatt came into the entertainment scene as a rapper, but that did not work out so well for him. However, it’s safe to say that he found his true calling during that time as he switched up to become a DJ and was immediately recognized for his exceptional talent. Ever since, he has consistently won awards, sold out events and is revered as one of the pioneering Afrobeats hip hop DJs in the country. 

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