Weekender Guide: 5 Ways to Stay Safe at a Beach Outing During COVID-19 Pandemic

As Coronavirus ravages cities and shuts down our favourite hang out spots, we continue to explore other ways of having a much-needed fun time. Luckily, beaches are still opened in Lagos, however, to keep you and your loved ones safe, it’s important to adhere to safety protocols.

Here are 5 things to do if you are going on a  beach outing this period.

  1. Create your own space

The beach can sometimes be packed with lots of people, which increases the risk of transmission tremendously. To beat this, make sure you go to a beach that has proper crowd control or you can create a space for yourself and your loved ones (if you’re not going alone). We also recommend going with people you live with alone as you cannot be too sure of where your friends may have been considering that a lot of people are asymptomatic. Taking these precautions will help to limit your interaction with people. So, make sure you are not sharing a tent or cabana with others or you can have a picnic by the shore.

2. Choose a less busy day of the week

You may also consider picking a weekday which will guarantee that the beach is less packed. The lesser people on the beach the better for you. Be sure to check with the beach admin to find out if they will be opened on weekdays. This will also provide an opportunity for you to do your homework on the beach and its safety protocols.

3. Observe all safety protocols

Yes, you may still need to use your mask on the beach. While you can take them off while within your own space, you should leave them on if you are going with more than three people. The mask will protect you against transmission if you are asymptomatic or from getting infected. You should also maintain a level of distancing within your space. Also, make sure you have a hand sanitiser handy especially if you are handling food or drinks. Make sure that beach staff are all masked up and observing proper distancing when attending to you

4. Do not swim

Although there has not been any confirmation on the survival of the virus in water bodies like the beach, it is better to be safe than sorry. As much as the water may look pleasing to you, DO NOT SWIM. To decrease your chance of transmitting or getting infected it is advisable to stay away from swimming. You may decide to wade in the water since the virus can only get into your system through your nose, mouth and ears. But be sure to wear your mask if you choose to.

5. Do not forget the Essentials

Sunscreen? Sunglasses? Beach Hat? Sanitiser? Food? Create your essential checklist and tick it all! If you’ve got this then you are ready to go! You can also provide some entertainment for yourself- Set up music, try some games and more.

Bonus Tip: Or better yet, stay at home and enjoy some time with family to save yourself some funds and from getting infected.

Stay safe out there guys!

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