What to do in Lagos: 5 Historic Tourist Locations to explore

Lagos is not just Nigeria’s entertainment hub. It’s also a city with a rich cultural heritage and many beautiful natural attractions. It is also blessed with the most stunning beaches in the country. All of these and more make Lagos a treasure trove of incredible tourist destinations as there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. So, if you are looking to journey through the top tourist spots in Lagos and immerse yourself in the city’s true beauty and charm, here are some of the wonders Lagos has to offer:

The African Artists Foundation

The African Artists Foundation is not just your regular art gallery. It’s a cool art space that’s all about showcasing the freshest, most mind-blowing contemporary African art, photography, and multimedia. This foundation also hosts the most epic and jaw-dropping exhibitions. It has workshops and residencies for people who want to dive deep into the creative pool, and it gets cooler than that. This foundation also hosts cool artist talks and panel discussions where you can get all the juicy details about African art history, the artists’ thought process and many more. It’s an educational spot where you wouldn’t even mind going because every knowledge shared here is fun! So, if you’re ready to have your mind blown by African talent and soak up some seriously cool vibes, this is a spot that you should definitely check out! 

Freedom Park

Talk about the ultimate cultural hotspot in Lagos, a hub where art, culture, music and history intertwine perfectly! Freedom Park is as historic as history can be. Once upon a time, this place was a spooky old colonial prison. You’ll still find several historic buildings and parts of the old prison that have been preserved. Every corner of this park tells a story, and as you explore its nooks and crannies, you’ll uncover the hidden tales of the past. This spot, which used to be a prison, has now been transformed into a symbol of freedom and creativity, hence the name Freedom Park. The park is now surrounded by beautiful, well-kept gardens. There are art galleries showcasing the works of talented local artists and craft shops filled with unique creations. There are also open-air amphitheatres with stages where the magic happens. Live music performances that’ll make your heart sing, dance shows that’ll leave you in awe, and cultural events. Freedom Park is that spot where you get to connect with the spirit of the city.

Kalakuta Museum

If you know anything about Afrobeats, then you definitely know who Fela is. We can only imagine how legendary it must be to be the pioneer of Afrobeats.  Now, imagine how it would feel to step into Fela’s world! This spot, which is now a museum, is the former residence of Fela, which he named Kalakuta Republic. Fela’s life was nothing near ordinary, and you can expect the extraordinary from a tour of what used to be his home. It’s more than just a spot with several artefacts. It tells a story about his journey as an activist in Nigeria during those times and how relentless he was despite the many hurdles he faced. You get to see what used to be his bedroom, his personal belongings, costumes, instruments, etc. All of these help paint a very vivid picture in your head, as though you lived through those times with him. It’s extraordinary, and you have to experience it.

Lufasi Nature Park

Talking about natural wonders in Lagos, Lufasi Nature Park is a natural reserve established with the aim of preserving nature and wildlife in Lagos. This park is home to several animal species, so you can expect to see several animals and observe them in their natural habitat. It’s also home to several rare plant species and nature trails where you can check out various plants and also admire several birds. One of the highlights here is the canopy walk, which enables you to walk among treetops and feel even closer to nature. If you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, then this spot is definitely for you.

Lagos Old Secretariat Building

Now, let’s talk Lagos Architecture. Lagos is one of the most developed cities in the country, so it’s only expected that you’ll find some of the very best architectural structures here. There are so many beautiful buildings that you can spot around the city of Lagos, some even from the colonial era and one of these is the Lagos Old Secretariat building, which is over a century old. The building which still stands tall in Lagos Island, is laid out around a rectilineal courtyard with a U-shaped plan. The structure of this building is still mindblowing, even after existing for over a century, making it one of the most notable structures built in Nigeria’s architectural history.  

Do you want to experience culture, nature, history, music, architecture, arts or wildlife? Lagos is that city that has it all and is always ready whenever you are. You can’t be a true Lagosian till you have connected with the city by learning what exactly makes Lagos “Lagos.” So, pack your bags and prepare yourself to go on an adventure to feel the pulse of the city. Check here fore more adventures in Lagos.

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