What You Need To Know About The New Purpose-Built Entertainment Arena in Lagos

Africa’s first built entertainment arena has launched in Lagos, and we are having a proud Lagosian moment. We’ve gotten used to seeing our favourite artists put on mindblowing and unforgettable shows in Arenas outside the country, and many Nigerians have had to stick to streaming these performances online. Now, we have a 02-styled arena in Lagos, and we cannot contain our excitement. If you are just as excited about this historic structure, then here are a few facts you need to know:

  • The Lagos Arena, whose name mirrors the London 02 arena, is located in the heart of Lekki at the Palms Mall, 1 Bisway Street, Maroko, Lekki, Lagos.
  • The Lagos Arena is massive, as it spans 25,000 square meters with a 12,000-spectator capacity, but we couldn’t have expected anything less from Africa’s first purpose-built arena. 
  • Just like the 02 Arena, Wembley Arena, the newly commissioned Lagos Arena is a multipurpose hall designed mainly for entertainment and concerts. Being a multipurpose hall, we can also expect sports activities, congresses and others to be hosted here.
  • The renowned Yazgan Design Architecture designed the Lagos Arena. Yagzan is the company responsible for many state-of-the-art buildings in Turkey, including the AsΔ±m Kibar OIZ office, the YDA centre, the Reneza and Ankara Aerospace.
  • This centre, which stands by the river is was designed to look like an enormous yacht. It also has an enormous volume, which can serve as spacious terraces for different levels of social gatherings. 
  • Located by the Lekki River, this Arena has a stunning view of Lagos’ ocean, and we Lagosians always appreciate pleasing aesthetics. Of course, the views from inside the Arena are expected to be even better.
  • Beyond entertainment, this Arena will also be highly beneficial to youths in the city as it will develop several ancillary businesses. The Lagos Arena is expected to create about 1500 direct or indirect jobs. 
  • This $100 million Arena will also be booked and busy as it aspires to host over 200 concerts in Lagos. This cannot be achieved with concerts alone. Hence, we can expect all sorts of entertainment shows, UFC fights, WWE shows, basketball games and many more. 

Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu wrote on X, β€œThe aim is to bring Lagos up to par with its global peers, making it a go-to destination for premier international events.” We are excited to be part of the generation that will experience this historic moment, and you can trust The Lagos Weekender to bring you up to speed once it opens up for business. 

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