Where to eat in Lagos: The Ultimate Brunch Guide

Sometimes, some of us crave Brunch, that pleasure spot between Breakfast and Lunch where the meal is neither heavy or light. It could lean towards sweet or towards savoury and the best part? It could come with cocktails…rounds of them.

Lagos has a wide range of restaurants and cafés that might not all be primarily Brunch-specific but offer a range of items tailored to this. You could be looking for somewhere with the best range of cocktails or a picture-perfect spot. With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best brunch spots in Lagos to try out;

  1. The Room Cafe: Known for their chic space, minimalist decor, artsy cocktails and great pancakes, The Room Cafe is definitely a good brunch spot. Expert tip – Get the taco’s. You won’t regret it. 
  1. Smalliez diner:  With an American-diner decor, Smalliez is one of the newest brunch locations in Lagos for a cute brunch. Great service, great for pictures, great food and famous for their milkshakes. 
  1. Eric Kayser: With its decadent and diverse desserts, Eric Kayser is a French bakery that is a great brunch spot to balance sweet and savoury. With two branches in Victoria Island and Ikeja, they are also a go-to if you’re looking for where to get the tastiest coffee.
  1. HSE Gourmet: This is a peak comfort food spot with a gourmet twist. If you want something light and casual but with a picture-worthy presentation, this is the brunch place for you.
  1. Flowershop cafe: Complete with a cute flower shop and an aesthetic that transports you into a floral universe, this place serves great sandwiches, salads and is great for coffee lovers.
  1. Cactus: This is the ultimate family brunch spot, with everything for everybody. Offering creamy ice cream, fat burgers, and with quite the breakfast bar to beat, this is a brunch spot for the books.
  1. Maple: This is a dream spot for those who want their brunch available late at night. With a New-York style set-up, this place has the heartiness and extravagant portions of an american resto-bar. This is a top pick for a boozy brunch.
  1. Cafeteria Ng: This is the home of brunch, seeing as it’s their main thing. Apart from the tasty varieties, they also have an extensive list of bubble tea!
  1. Cafecito: A new spot in Ikeja with a serene, intimate space and an extensive brunch menu. You also get to watch your coffee being made by their experts which is an extra cherry on top and as usual, it’s a perfect place to find cheap brunches that still taste delicious.
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