Your Guide to a Successful Nigerian Road Trip

Travelling is always fun when it is properly planned. Sometimes, we all get the itch to pack our bags and go somewhere new, even if for a few days. Yes, you could choose to fly to your choice destination due to convenience and speed but what if you wanted the grittiness of an extended trip? Road Trips are a perfect choice to fill that gap. In Nigeria, however, going on a road trip seems like an extreme sport. This is because of many reasons, especially the issue of insurgency. 

However, it is still possible to enjoy a successful road trips,  regardless of the seeming challenges and here are some tips on how: 

  1. Plan your route: Wherever your proposed destination may be, it’s important to know the best route considering factors like navigation, bad roads and security. You also want to make sure you are well aware of the best places to make stops and take breaks when necessary. You can find a reliable and experienced driver, or talk to someone who has travelled the route for help. Google maps could definitely help, with the aid of a second opinion.

  2. Share your location: With the safety issues that are experienced frequently, you can never be too safe. Share your live location with friends and family so that they can track where you are at certain points. It will always be safer to travel in the day and even with that, you should be observant of your environment.

  3. Budget: This goes without saying. You would want to plan for fuel, food, your adventures and possibly other side quests you could make stops for and miscellaneous unforeseen circumstances. In any case, carry enough money that can act as a mattress when Nigeria decides to surprise you.

  4. Carry travel essentials: These include water, a charger, a fully charged power bank, a valid form of identification/licence, valid car documents, snacks and even sunscreen.

  5. Don’t eat heavily before you go: The last thing you want on a Nigerian road trip is to make bathroom stops, especially as a woman. It will be very uncomfortable finding a suitable bathroom in the middle of nowhere. This is why you should stick to very light snacking, little sips of water and not much else. Also, you might want to try interesting new things on the way (with caution, of course).

  6. Leave early: Traffic is very unpredictable. You do not want to be caught up in the middle of the rush hour traffic. This is the reason why it’s important you leave early. You can bypass a good part of traffic while also ensuring you get to your destination early enough. You also don’t want to be on unfamiliar roads at night time.

  7. Document moments: One of the best parts about travelling to a different place by road is the changing scenes outside your window. You can take pictures and videos to capture moments and things that could possibly be new to you. It’s a good way to create long lasting memories as you explore. 

This can be applied to solo or group travel but whichever way, this guide should be your checklist.  In all, don’t forget to have a great time and take whatever unexpected events in good stride.

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