6 Unique Team Bonding Activities to Try Out in Lagos

It is expected that strangers who are brought together by ‘capitalism’ may not necessarily see eye to eye every time. However, there’s still a need to have a cordial relationship to foster a better work relationship. One of the ways to improve this is through team bonding activities. You never know when the problem is just stress and your colleague doesn’t actually hate you. Here are our top recommendations for team bonding activities to try out in Lagos.:

Paint & Sip

Paint and sip is a nice activity for bonding as it is a great way for individuals to relax and express themselves. When everyone is relaxed and trying to harness their creative spirits, team members will typically find it easier to interact and bond with each other and possibly create a friendship which will be impactful in the workplace.
Weekender Recommends: Anada Art Studio
Budget: 12,000 naira per head

Beach Resort Hangout

We definitely would add a beach activity to our list. Not because Lagos boasts a beautiful coastline but also because sometimes, the beach can be calming and a great way to destress from work and bond with others. Visiting a beach resort as team members will introduce all individuals to a different environment without the pressure at work, where everyone is just looking to enjoy the moment.
Weekender Recommends: La Campagne Resort, Lekki
Budget: 20,000 naira per head


Engaging in recreational activities is key to building camaraderie among team members.. Kayaking can be a great team bonding activity where the goal is for all the participants to paddle the canoe to its final destination. Of course, all the paddlers have to find a way to work together as a team to reach their destination without hassle. This will take learning each paddler’s strengths and weaknesses and assigning tasks based on those strengths to each person and succeeding in this task will help team members learn to work better together.  
Weekender Recommends: KayakinLagos, Lekki
Budget: 15,000 naira per head

Escape Room

“No man is an island of knowledge” is a timeless adage that emphasizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork.  How, you may ask? During an escape room adventure, participants are divided into teams and must work together to solve puzzles and complete a challenge within a duration of time. It is a great team bonding activity to try out in Lagos as it can help team members learn that every contribution to the team is valid, regardless of who the idea is coming from. All hands are needed on deck within the team, and an escape room might be the right activity to help team leaders and members realize their importance.
Weekender Recommends: Escape Room 33, Victoria Island
Budget: 16,000 naira per head


While we agree that Paintballing is quite a tasking physical activity, the benefits outweigh the ‘stress’. This activity requires participants to work in teams and defeat each other, and a great strategy and teamwork are needed to achieve this. No member of the team is an outsider; every member of the team needs to be in the game, and every individual’s commitment to this group effort is what will make the team work. With paintballing, team members get to learn a good team strategy. 
Weekender Recommends: Leisure Sports Paintball, Lekki
Budget: From 100,000 naira per group


Pottery is a delicate art. It takes a long while for potters to master the art, and they can still make Pottery is a delicate art that requires a lot of creativity. It is an art which allows you to harness all your creativite spirit and show off how your mind works with the potter’s wheel. Pottery is an activity that can help team members get to know each other, learn about each other’s creative process and bond while exploring their talents in craft. 
Weekender Recommends: Ablesworth Pottery
Budget: 13,000 naira per head

Hanging out with your co-workers occasionally is always a great idea to establish a healthy working relationship and bond with each other outside of the work environment. You can send this to your human resource team if you are at a loss for what to do as a team. A single team bonding activity can be what you need for a high-performing team. If you’re looking for more activities on a budget,  click here for more recommendations. 

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