What to do in Lagos: Activities under 10k

What if we told you that you could have a great outing in Lagos with a budget of N10k? If you don’t believe it, keep reading. There are so many activities to choose from that you don’t have to break the bank for. Some of them are probably very familiar and there are some you are yet to try. We want to encourage you to choose any of these activities to have fun on a budget. 

  1. Silent disco (N2k – 7k): This is an activity where a group of people enjoy the same set of songs through headphones. To an outsider looking in, it’ll be a funny scene of people bopping or dancing with no audible music. At least not out loud. It’s fun, especially if you’re going with a group of people. It is also about N2,000 – N7,000, depending on the location and the hosts. You should go sometime.
  2. Art gallery tours (0-N3,000): There are so many art galleries to choose from: Nike arts gallery, Rele, Omenka and if you’re down for a field trip that would be totally worth it, Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art. They usually allow free entry but some, like the Yemisi Shyllon Museum, could charge a fee of about N2,000. 
  3. Escape room (N5,000 – N8,000): This is a fun activity for those who want a bit of a thrill and want to put their detective skills to the test. It can be a solo or group activity and you can find one of these in Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island. 
  4. Afrikan shrine (N2,000): This is not only a popular spot, it’s a historical one as well. Enjoy top-notch live music brought to you by the Kuti family coupled with different snacking options all under N10k. 
  5. Beach (N3,000 – N6,000): We recommend a weekday beach experience. As much as this activity is no stranger to Lagosians, it’s one that can be enjoyed over and over on a budget. With several options across the Oniru stretch, there are a couple more down to even Epe.
  6. Cinema (N3,000 – N6,000): This is an activity that everyone should have tried at least once. The best part about it is that different cinemas offer different experiences. For example, you could try the Ebony life cinema for seats that recline and an extensive snacking menu.
  7. Paintball (N5,000 – N8,000): This has a range of prices that could still fall under your N10k budget perfectly. It is one of the best group activities out there and is very engaging. Give it a go when you’re feeling a little competitive.
  8. Pastry date (N2,000 – N8,000): It could be by yourself, it could be with a partner or friends. In any case, this is a nice way to enjoy pastries and whatever beverage of your choice in a cute cafe somewhere without breaking your bank
  9. Water activities (N3,000 – N8,000): From Kayaking and Jet skiing to Water parks and Skateboarding, there are so many water activities that you could do under N10k. To see a list of these and where you could find them, click here.  
  10.  Short films premiers (Free): This usually happens at Alliance Francais. You can check out their monthly roosters or follow up with their social media pages to see new releases you can watch and enjoy for free. You could even use the N10,000 to enjoy the pastries at Eric Kaiser. 

You can try a couple of these out several times if you enjoy them. If you’re looking for something new and interesting to do that you might not have tried before, you can check out our hidden gems list.

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