Foreign Cuisines and Where to Try Them in Lagos

You live in Lagos, of course, you’ll find almost anything in your city! Yes, we are showing us as we cannot be happier to be Lagosians! When it comes to food and entertainment, Lagos is a prime location in Nigeria, as all it takes to find anything you might be craving is a simple internet search. You get a wide variety of options to suit your palette and your wallet, and you’ll definitely not be disappointed. 
If you have been looking for nice restaurants to try out foreign cuisines in Lagos, here are the top-recommended options you have:

Indian Cuisine

Indian dishes are very popular around the world and they are renowned for the wonderful use of spices and herbs. Indian dishes are also very diverse as you can find a range of pastries, curries, gravies, tandoor-cooked meats, sauces, rice dishes, vegetable dishes, chutneys, breads and sweets. To try out authentic Indian dishes in Lagos, here are the top spots to visit:

Pondicheri, Ilupeju

Chapter, Victoria Island

Indigo, Victoria Island

Cilantro, Victoria Island

Thai Cuisine

Thai dishes are popular for their distinct flavours. It is a blend of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavours that just make sense altogether, creating a beautiful and unique taste in every dish. These flavours are what makes Thai food so distinctive, and the authentic dishes can be very addictive. Here are the top spots to try them in Lagos:

Thai Thai, Victoria Island

Orchid Thai House, Ikeja GRA

French Cuisine

French cuisine can be described as Art itself. It is rich, takes pride in the presentation and is made with formal techniques that can be difficult for non-French indigenes to recreate. French cuisine also places emphasis on the use of French ingredients and simple flavours, which all come together to create the perfect culinary blend. Here are the top spots to try them in Lagos:

Gossip, Victoria Island

Eric Kayser, Victoria Island

La Chaumiere

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is known to be spicy and seasonal but very healthy, as the dishes are built with fresh produce only. Turkish cuisine can be best described as a fusion of Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Greek and Eastern European cuisine, incorporating some of the tastiest dishes in the Mediterranean. It should definitely be on your list of foreign cuisines to try in Lagos, and here are some spots to do so:

Elysium, Lekki


Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world. It is also one of the most diverse you would find in the world, as each of the 23 provinces in China has its own cooking style based on ingredients and preferences. Generally, Chinese dishes are famous for their colour, taste, aroma and appearance, and you should definitely try them out.

Woks and Koi, Lekki

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world today, ranking alongside French cuisine because of its distinct flavours. Italian dishes are appreciated around the world and have even become staples in many other countries because they can be addictive when done right. In Nigeria, we enjoy pizza, pasta and gelato every other day, and they are very easy to get in Lagos. To explore other yummy Italian dishes, here are some spots to visit:

Izanagi, Victoria Island

Sushiholics, Lekki

CiGusta, Victoria Island

La Verandah, Victoria Island

Pan Asian cuisine

Pan-Asian cuisine is basically a fusion of flavours and dishes from all around Asia. At Pan-Asian restaurants, you will find traditional dishes from different parts of the continent from Japan to India and even Korea. Pan-Asian restaurants are great for exploration, and here are some of the best in Lagos:

Mantra Lagos

Shiro Lagos


Jinja Lagos

Ki Lagos

Seamusic restaurant

La Tarverna, Victoria Island

When it comes to food options, you have nothing to worry about as a Lagosian. You do not need to travel around your country to find the best flavours, be it local cuisines or international cuisines, and that is a big flex. For more restaurant recommendations, a quick check on your platform will lead you to the best spots you’d find in your city. 

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