What to do in Lagos: 5 Water Activities to Explore and Where to Find Them

There’s a reason Fela sang ‘Water no get enemy’ – water can offer some fun too if you know where to look. Thankfully, Lagos has water bodies in abundance. If you’re looking for fun water activities in Lagos, we have just the list for you. We made it easier by including the locations and the potential budget required for each.

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  1. Kayaking: This is a fun experience for those who want a group water activity that encourages teamwork, bonding and maybe a little bit of arm work. It’s also great for solo dates.  Kayaks are built like canoes in which the paddles are pulled and rotated for movement. You can get this done at Kampari Tours in Lekki phase 1 . The damage is N5,000 per person which covers your kayaking kits for an hour long session. Additionally, you can pay for refreshment such as drinks, small chops and bole that either comes with chicken or fish. Then there is a package offered by Nothingtodoinlagos which is an hour session with N3,000 per person as damages. 
  1. Jet Skiing: Power bikes on land are what Jet skis are on water. They kind of have a similar build too. If you’re looking for fast and fun without engaging your muscles, this is the water activity for you. You can do this at Lagos Watercrafts at Landmark Beach VI. The price range is from N10,000 to N85,000 which is determined by the amount of time you spend riding. The least time is 5 minutes and the max is 1 hour. You can get food and drinks after the activity and enjoy the lounge area set up on the docks. Other private beaches, like the one in HOV, offer this as well.
  2. Surfing: This is a water sport that you’ve probably seen in Hollywood movies a couple of times. If you didn’t know, it is also available on this side of the planet. Yes, in our beloved lagos. Surfing the waves is a sport that resembles skateboarding seeing as both use boards that are sized to match the elements they’re used on. You can find this activity at the Tarkwa Bay Surf Club for N10,000. Also, tournaments and training are held from time to time so their social media can keep you up to speed with this.
  3. Boat Cruise: Sometimes you just want to be on a luxurious yacht, cruising the waters with friends while enjoying music, food, drinks and the view. This water activity is for those who just want to chill. You can rent a boat for your crowd capacity with The Boat Plug, located at Lekki Phase 1. There is also Hi-impact cruise and Fiki Marina that offer the same services.  They offer different types of boats/yachts to suit your cruise needs and allow you to bring your food and drinks onboard too. Prices can be discussed with them on their socials. 
  1. Water park: For example, there’s Laquatic water park. It is made up of inflatable props that are bound to make the experience twice as tough and get you twice as wet. If you’re up for a little obstacle course on the water, visit the Laquatic water park, Nigeria’s first inflatable water park at Landmark beach. Ticket for kids is N5,000 and an adult ticket is N7,000. There is also Hakuna Matata by Eko hotel that is a family favourite. 

We hope this article has been informative and pointed out water activities that you and your loved ones can participate in. To find out more hidden gems in Lagos that are worth visiting, click this link.

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