Navigating Lagos This December as an IJGB

All the Nigerians who ran abroad to make some money will definitely return to have some proper Naija fun this festive period, and we are all looking forward to that. As an IJGB coming back to Lagos this December, it’s safe to inform you that we have been expecting you, and we can’t wait for the foreign currencies and accents to start flowing around. It’s finally time to fulfil all the promises you have made from the diaspora since the beginning of the year, and you cannot escape it. 

It’s a festive period, and you want to have fun just like every other person in Lagos and it is really a great experience. You might still be a Lagosian at heart. Still, this city changes constantly, and you will need some re-orientation if you intend to chop life this December and be able to run away again by January. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your stay in Lagos this December:

Have no expectations

There will be some aspects of Lagos that will remain constant, like the traffic and the events always happening everywhere. However, have no expectations of what living in Lagos will be like. The Lagos you left a few years or months ago is not the Lagos you will meet upon arrival back to the city. Hence, you should not have any expectations of what life in Lagos should be like before coming into the city.

Have a budget for Lagos Life

Yes, you earn in a foreign currency, and spending in naira for only a month might seem very affordable to you. However, if you plan to attend events and party with Lagos ballers, it would be in your favour to have a budget because Lagosians party, and we party harder than you expect. Several miscellaneous expenses will also always come up in Lagos, and you cannot avoid them. Set a big budget on what you will spend in Lagos, and try your best to stick to it.

Get a local number

You always need a local number in Lagos, Nigeria, for several reasons, and you should ensure to get one at the airport to save you time and stress. Having a local number will make it easier for you to move around the city with Uber or any other platform you decide to use. It will also save you if you ever get stranded, allowing you to credit your phone to make calls and even make mobile money transfers. Lagos is a place where you will have to call one person or another for help at one point, and the network might not always be great to place online calls. Getting a local number is certainly in your best interest.

Be cautious about vlogging in Lagos

Abroad, it might be cool to take pictures of anything and everything. However, Lagos operates differently, and consent is key. If you record Lagosians without seeking their consent, you might find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. The same applies to some establishments operating on a private policy, with pictures or videos strictly prohibited. Asking questions before bringing out your camera to record the moment is always advisable.

Pay fully only after service is rendered

Do not operate a payment-before-service policy in Lagos because you might be disappointed, especially with artisans. By this time of the year, all the artisans in Lagos are getting more orders than any other month, and they are taking the opportunity to get more money, whether they have the capacity or not. You will have no leverage if you pay in full before ensuring that your job has been completed. There is also a huge possibility that you wouldn’t even find them anymore if you paid before service, and it is only best to save yourself from that frustration.

Plan for the Lagos timing in your schedule

It might be possible to have a timely schedule abroad and stick to it but have no such expectations in Lagos. As a matter of fact, plan for the African timing in your schedule and still expect differences in it. Your time will be wasted in Lagos, whether by traffic or by the people you have made plans with, and there is really nothing you can do about it. Hence, just accept it so you will be less frustrated when it actually happens.

Expect the billing

As an IJGB, you shall be billed! You do not have to show off before people ask you to help them sort out one bill or another. If you are coming with an accent, just expect almost everyone you meet to give you higher prices than they normally would. Hence, if you intend to visit the local spots, take a trusted person with you to avoid being overcharged.

Final Note!

You know Lagos is where the fun is, so you are always coming back despite the countless “buts.” Hence, prepare your mind and pocket to have a great time and enjoy the city. Our events calendar shows you all the fun events happening this December, and you can also find out all the cool places to visit in our guide. Your aim is to have fun, and you shouldn’t let anything ruin that for you. 

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