8 Spots to Enjoy Karaoke on the Island

Karaoke is always a valid option for a fun night out. It doesn’t matter if you can or cannot sing, as karaoke is that activity that channels your inner Beyoncé and transforms you into the best performer and singer you know. 
A karaoke spot is always filled with good vibes and people who just want to have fun, sing and dance, and nothing truly beats the excitement you’d find there. The best part is that these karaoke spots are scattered around Lagos and are inexpensive. If you are a lover of karaoke or you’d love to experience this activity on the Island, here are eight spots to do so:

Rooftop by Boardroom

Located at Lekki, Lagos, this patio dining restaurant hosts a karaoke night every Thursday from 6 PM to 11 PM. If you are free on a Thursday night, you can always stop by to enjoy nice cocktails and food and experience a great karaoke session.

Island Breeze

Island Breeze is an exclusive beach lounge located within Landmark Beach. Of course, you’d have to pay for tickets to the beach to gain access to this lounge. However, it’s totally worth it as it is not just a regular karaoke experience, but it is karaoke on the beach, and it really does not get better than that. This happens every Friday from 5 PM; you should make it a date!

The White Room

You do not have to wait till it’s the weekend before you can enjoy all the fun activities in Lagos. It’s karaoke night at the White Room in Victoria Island every Wednesday from 7 PM. 


Mondays are always too serious in Lagos. As Weekenders, we’d always find a way to relieve stress and have fun, regardless of the day of the week. Folixx Restaurant, located at Lekki Lagos, has made this a little bit easier as this spot hosts a karaoke night every Monday from 9 PM. All you have to do is visit, sing your heart out, and let go of that stress. 


What’s better than a night of fine dining and premium fun in one location? Terraform hosts its Cocktail Karaoke every Wednesday from 7 PM, which is always amazing. There are free tequila shots to loosen you up, and there are also top-notch music systems to assist you in channelling your inner Beyoncé, so you know it’s definitely going to be a great night.

Terra Kulture

Terrakulture Restaurant, located at Victoria Island, is another OG spot to enjoy karaoke on Fridays from 7 PM. Entry is also free, and the vibes are always immaculate. Whether you visit alone or with friends, you are guaranteed to have a blast. 

Live Lounge

It’s Karaoke Thursdays for the girls at Live Lounge every week. Live Lounge, hidden away in Victoria Island, is a great spot for food, entertainment, live music and, of course, karaoke. It’s a great spot to make friends, bond with your girls, and have a girls’ night out.

Shaunz Karaoke

Shaunz Karaoke is an OG spot with a reputation as the best karaoke spot in the entire city. It’s an everyday karaoke spot that is open from Tuesdays to Sundays every week. Entry and karaoke is free! All you have to do is come ready to have fun, eat, drink and sing!

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