Top Factors to Consider Before Charging for Events in Lagos

Organizing a Lagos party is not easy as Lagos is one of the few cities in Nigeria with a buzzing social life. There are raves, concerts, performances, fairs, exhibitions and all sorts of events you can think of, regardless of your interests.

In a city where residents are spoilt for choice, event planners have no option but to invest heavily when they plan events to get the desired turnout. We realize it can be challenging to create the perfect event in Lagos, and having low turnouts at these events can be disappointing. Hence, we have attended several events and spoken to our community to learn what criteria they consider before choosing to attend certain events, and we have made a list of the top five responses. They are:


Exclusivity has always been attractive to Lagosians. No one wants to pay to attend events where any and every person in the city will show up. People want something special and adore brands that can give that experience to them, regardless of the niche. It could be an exclusive tasting event, a VIP-only party or a special cinema experience for selected people. These kinds of events tend to have that special touch that will make people pay any attached price tag.


Weekenders who have been in Lagos for a while are now very familiar with the regular events. A simple buffet here or the usual club party no longer interests people in this category. It is also bad for business when customers can always predict your next move, so you have to stay on top of your game and know how to use the element of surprise. Step away from your comfort zones and plan events that we won’t see coming, something unique and something that will leave a Weekender excited for more. Try this out and expect the biggest turnout ever.


One of our primary goals as Weekenders is to take away the stress capitalism has put us through the entire week and there is no way we will spend our free time at an event with zero vibes. When people are falling asleep at your events or just casually sitting without having fun, then you should know that there is something wrong somewhere. In the nightlife scene, there are spots in Lagos where the entertainment does not stop as there are countless planned performances that will make you lose track of time. Yet, there are some spots with only a DJ playing from the start till the end of the event. It is very easy to know which event Lagosians would rather pay for.


If you are going to charge people for attending your event, it is only fair to make them feel like they are getting the worth of their money. This value might come in the form of guaranteed sales, new skills or even knowledge. This is one of the reasons why people organizing events like pot making, cooking classes, archery, and even gardening continually make sales.


Lagosians like attractive things, and we are not embarrassed to admit it. If you are trying to convince people to pay to attend your event, you have to be able to add an irresistible attraction. You’re organizing an owambe and guests have to buy aso-ebi, but there will be free food to fill their stomachs? You want customers to visit your lounge and spend money, but the drinks are unlimited if they pay a fixed amount? You want more patrons at your spot and you offer live performances from unexpected artists or karaoke and salsa? Lagosians will pay and will come with friends!

Final note

The key to planning a successful Lagos event is to think like a Lagosian who wants to have fun and consider the interests and pockets of your target audience. Dare to be creative with the tips provided in this piece in mind and your event will always be sold out. We have high expectations from event planners in 2024 and we hope these tips will help you exceed those expectations. 

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