Bucket List Dining Experiences to Try in Lagos

Many people consider dining to be boring, especially when doing so alone. However, dining in Lagos is anything but boring. The goal when restaurant hopping in Lagos shouldn’t be just to eat. With that motivation, you’d end up simply ordering meals you are used to and refuse to explore the menu.  The goal should be to experience and enjoy fine cuisine by sampling and enjoying different dishes.
Lagos is not the place to have boring dining experiences, as most of these restaurants aim to blow your mind and ensure you have a good time. However, if you are looking for more unique dining experiences, this piece suggests five bucket list experiences you can have in your city.

Immersive dining with premium entertainment

Location: Zaza Lagos
Address: 19 Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Imagine getting great food and premium entertainment all in one spot. Zaza did a big one with this immersive experience and we absolutely love it. We are Zaza lovers at TLW because it checks all our boxes. The food is yummy, and the party keeps getting better!

Live Pasta-Making Experience

Location: Oceans 5 by Rivera
Address: 20 Elsie Femi Pearse, Victoria Island, Lagos
Oceans 5 by Rivera is a fine dining restaurant with world-fusion cuisine that offers an interesting dining experience. If you visit on Thursdays, you get to create your own pasta from scratch, choosing your pasta of interest, sauce and everything in between. Moreso, you pick your choice of appetizer from four mouthwatering options and a glass of wine!

Dark Dining Experience

Location: Dark Room by Yellow Plate
Address: 41a, Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island
Dining in the dark is another level of gastronomic pleasure that should definitely be on your list to explore. Rather than devouring the food with your eyes first, you get to bring your other senses to play and have fun tasting and enjoying your meal. Dark Room by Yellow Plate offers this experience, enabling guests to dine in the dark with candlelight. The soft music playing in the background and the starry night lighting from the ceiling make it even better.

Brunch Tower/ High Tea Experience

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Location: The Room Cafe
Address: 190b Prince Ade Odedina St, Eti-Osa,
The high tea experience is so fancy, and we highly recommend that you try it this year! At the room cafe, you’re basically treated like royalty as you are served a variety of interesting and yummy mini pastries with tea, and it’s absolutely delicious. You get to experience a British royal tea party vibe if you are with friends and it’s such a lovely experience that you won’t find just anywhere in Nigeria. 

Premium Fine Dining experience

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Location: The Ona Lagos
Address: 1701 Violet Yough Cl, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos
There are tons of fine-dining restaurants in Lagos, but if you have not visited this spot, then you have yet to realize just how bougie it can get. At Ona Lagos, the ambience is absolutely beautiful, and of course, the food is delicious with several course options. The servers at Ona treat guests like royalty, doing everything in their power to ensure that everyone gets an exceptional dining experience and we love to see it!

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