Detty December: 7 Things We Don’t Want To See In Lagos This Year

It is the end of another amazingly crazy year and Lagosians like so many other people around the world are ready to have a good time in a long time. As much as we are ready to turn up whenever and wherever, there are some things we still don’t want to see around Lagos this December, the next and always.

In no particular order, these are some things we don’t want to see in Lagos this December;

  1. Unnecessary traffic: if you take time to observe the way things go on a normal day, you realize that so many people don’t care about the traffic rules. Let’s not even make this about commercial drivers, a lot of private car owners fall into this category of annoying drivers.
  1. Delayed shows: whether you are a guest or a host, kindly note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with events starting and ending on time. It is high time we discarded the ‘African Time’ mentality, time is precious.  
  1. Promise and Fail: transparency is important. For god’s sake, do not put so much hype on an event that will not come with the best experience, it is simply unfair. Event organizers don’t have to over-promise and not deliver just because people want to have a ‘Detty December’–it has been a long year and our government is already failing us. People deserve to get the worth of their money.
  1. Unnecessary hike in price of goods and services: Dear vendors, this is an appeal to you. We don’t know why you feel the need to raise the cost of your products suddenly just because it is December. It is not like people’s salaries have been raised out of nowhere too, so this is really unnecessary.
  1. Overpacked venues: Like it or not, horribly overcrowded venues gives the show promoters negative publicity. Nobody wants to keep pulling up at a show where comfort and health safety are not prioritized. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Event producers should stick to selling out tickets based on the capacity of event venues.


  1. IJGB folks: They are Nigerians in Diaspora, the IJGB (I Just Got Back) species that always grace us with their presence at the end of every year. We don’t hate them, it’s just that sometimes they do too much with throwing how good ‘the abroad’ is on people’s faces. Let’s not even talk about their accent and spending spree. We love you, but be calming down.


  1. Scammers: be on the lookout for fake vendors and buyers in all of their glory. They might even attend the same show with you, always be security conscious in and out of your house, scammers are everywhere.


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Cheers to the ‘Detty’ December, have a blast!

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