Editor’s Pick: Spots With the Best Cocktails in Lagos

From intriguing recipes to scintillating tastes, the Lagos hospitality scene sure knows how to shake up the cocktail game, and I consider it a true paradise for cocktail enthusiasts. Being one myself, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the city’s vibrant and underexplored mixology scene, which combines skillful mixology techniques, mostly with the use of locally sourced ingredients and the fusion of traditional flavours with contemporary twists. 
Here are 10 spots I trust for a good dose of cocktails where I’ve had a flavorful journey, and you should, too! These spots offer the best cocktail experience in Lagos and  I’ve compiled a list just for you. 

The Smiths

Smiths Lagos is one of the top restaurants in Lagos. Accordingly, my expectations are high when having cocktails here, and it’s safe to say that Smiths always delivers. Owned by the Smith twins, who also own other hospitality businesses in Lagos, it comes as no surprise that they would raise the bar with The Smiths, their newest business venture. A visit to this elegant space already gives off quality and it’s evident in the cocktails. The cocktails here are tasty as they are made carefully by some of the best mixologists in Lagos. If you are also looking out for presentations, get ready to be blown away, as The Smiths never misses with their immersive cocktails.
Address: 16 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island
Budget: From 15,000
What I Enjoy: Smiths Daily

Ki Lagos

Not much of a newbie, Ki Lagos is one perfect spot for a cocktail date with friends for various reasons. The ambience at Ki Lagos is warm and friendly and you are guaranteed to have a great time here. Imagine being in an Asian fusion restaurant, shoving some sushi rolls into your mouth, sipping quality cocktails, and shimmying to the best selection of dance hits- a proper, unmatched vibe. Ki is also well known for its amazing cocktail offerings, especially their Unlimited Cocktail offers at a budget-friendly price, making it easy for you to grab two or three drinks. If you are looking to explore different cocktail flavours on a budget, then Ki should be the first spot on your list, as the unlimited cocktail offering here is perfect for you. 
Address: 31A Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island
Budget: 15,000
What I Enjoy: Rum Story


Of all the spots I have been to in Lagos, Elysium takes the glory for the spot with the most extensive cocktail menu. The cocktail menu looks like a lot to look at but they thankfully sectioned them according to spirits. Elysium clearly puts a lot of effort into curating its cocktail offerings, and it’s one place you can always go back to try other cocktails without getting tired or bored. 
Address: Plot 6, Block 89 Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1
Budget: From 10,000
What I Enjoy: Rum Story


Salmas is known for authenticity, and that is reflected in the absolutely delicious cocktails. If you want tasty and diverse cocktail options that you won’t find in most other places, Salmas should be your go-to. Salmas takes inspiration from Middle Eastern cuisine and infuses those distinct flavours into their cocktail creations. To properly enjoy their cocktails. I’d advise you to approach their cocktails with an open mind and a sense of adventure, as it is a way to appreciate the diversity and richness of Middle Eastern culinary traditions.
Address: 20-24 Ozumba Mbadiwa, Victoria Island
Budget: From 12,000
What I Enjoy: Beirut’s Port

Gossip Kitchen

Gossip Kitchen is a perfect spot for a cocktail date! Of course, the cocktails here are great, but that’s not all that makes Gossip the perfect spot. Whether you prefer the bar or a cosy corner, you’ll find a comfortable spot to enjoy your drinks and have a meaningful conversation.  The drinks here are also decently priced, and there’s a cocktail offer you should try. All factors considered make Gossip the perfect recipe for a memorable and enjoyable cocktail date.
Address: 9A Oko Awo Street, Victoria Island
Budget: From 8,000
What I Enjoy: Scandal


If you’re looking for consistency in not just taste but also ambience, RSVP is your go-to. While I’m not a big fan of their service and policy, they seem to get it right with their cocktails, which always keep me coming back. The mixologists at RSVP are true artisans who have mastered the art and have relentlessly served delicious and innovative drinks. I particularly love how they infuse traditional ingredients into their drinks and have local labels for signature cocktails. They get a distinction in cocktails for me. 
Address: 9 Eletu Ogabi Street, Victoria Island
Budget: From 10,000
What I Enjoy: Pornstar Martini


One thing I value is consistency, and I love brands that will give me that without fail. Brisk is that spot for me, from the service to the food and even the drinks. We probably have featured them a lot in our recommendations and only rightly so. Brisk is a spot committed to maintaining a high-quality standard with a deep understanding of flavour profiles. Their cocktails are tasty and perfect to accompany your delicious brunch, leaving you with a lasting memory. 
Address: Falomo Square Mall, Ikoyi
Budget: From 12,000
What I Enjoy: Brisky


When it comes to premium cocktails, Zaza is where to head to. If you want to splurge and are not conservative, I’d suggest you order one of their signature cocktails. These cocktails get almost a similar treatment as buying a bottle. I mean, have you seen the presentation of the Martell Bling? Zaza takes dramatic cocktail presentations to a whole new level, making sure to captivate not only your tastebuds but also your eyes with amazing visuals. You can expect everything at Zaza, from the smoke-filled glasses to the flaming garnishes and more. Plus, they are tasty!
Address: 19 Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island
Budget: From 15,000
What I Enjoy: Candy Shop

Chapter Lagos

Chapter Lagos is one of the most popular cocktail spots in Lagos. This might have something to do with their Unlimited Cocktail offer, which is a smart way to save money while trying out a variety of cocktails. Make sure someone’s driving if you decide to indulge in this offer.
Address: 1623 Saka Jojo Street, Victoria Island
Budget: From 8,000
What I Enjoy: Palm Lagos


Slice is that spot that comes with the full cocktail experience, from amazingly crafted drinks to the perfect vibe, ambience and service. This spot has amazing cocktails that will leave you wanting more. The space at Slice was renovated recently, and it just makes the whole experience even better. The new Tulum-inspired aesthetic creates a tropical and relaxed vibe that transports you to an island somewhere foreign. Does anything really beat the satisfaction that comes from sipping cocktails on a foreign island?
Address: 19 Ologun Agbaje, Victoria Island
Budget: From 12,000
What I Enjoy: Smoke on the Mountain

The mixology scene in Lagos is purely genius and it would be a waste to not explore that. Whether alone or with friends, you are bound to have a great time exploring the countless cocktail offers we have in Lagos! Since we are exploring, check here for recommendations on activities to explore in Lagos.

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