We all work hard and deserve to have fun. But how do we get to live large and still manage to save? In the interest of maintaining a rocking social life without having to drain your bank account to the red level, i’ve put together a few tips to having a great social life despite the economic situation in the Country.


You really dont have to be at every Owambe,House party or concert. You need to be very selective with where you go now, so Set your priorities.
Know what social gathering or event is important and make a list of what you stand to gain from them. (Yes you read right). If it’s not going to get you paid,connect you with an important personality or give you your next business opportunity, then it’s not worth it. It should come last on the list.
If you have several events to attend the same day, then make sure you pick the ones that have proximity to each other. Saves you time and money. (Yes fuel money). And your visits too, do them all at once.

This is the time to be selective with your friends. I’m not preaching snitching but know who you hang with.
You know that particular friend that always wants you to pay for everything? Yes, that one, this is the time to ditch them. And that very generous friend you have, this is the time to move closer to them. You shouldn’t be a leech tho just be sure you go out with friends that are willing to contribute to the bill if not pick your tab for you. You should hang out with friends that are on a higher economic rank than you are. And it’s not snitching, We are all watching out for our heads ain’t we?


There’s always more than one way to get to a destination, so try out alternative routes that are shorter, save time and skip traffic.

If you don’t drive, then you can’t keep using cabs on every trip you make.
Everyone is using the ‘epo ti won’ ‘fuel is expensive’ line most especially transport workers. Just last week i was trying to get a cab around Ogudu in Lagos mainland to Ikoyi and the cab driver charged me 8k, I almost fainted. However, that’s the sad reality of what’s going to happen to you. It would be foolish of you to keep spending almost 20k on cabs on each outing that’s why you should plan how you move around. You can Use the BRT or comfortable Public transport.Thank goodness the new BRTs are very comfortable even with airconditioning cooler than the ones in our churches or cars.


I know that won’t be difficult for ladies. Carefully scrutinise the vehicle and its driver and do it politely so you don’t pass the wrong message.
You can join that coworker that lives close to yours and you can even get them to drop you in your house if you push the right buttons. You can join that neighbour that works close to your office also. You may even pay partly for the fuel for a week. Let say you spend 5k on fuel to and from work if you’re going with a friend neighbour or Co worker you can agree with them to pick you up and drop you off while you pay half . You could pay let’s say 2k and you’ve saved 3k. You can also do this if you’re hanging out with your friends. You all don’t have to take your cars.


Darling, It’s time to join the fitfam life. Truth is you can’t really afford all those food my dear. Food items are more expensive now. (Speak of the tomatoes woes)

Enough reasons for you to check how much food you eat and CUT IT ! (You need to CUT IT *dabs*)
If you’re out with friends you don’t need to buy a plate of food each,a platter is enough and that sweet looking cocktail that’s top of that page of the menu? Leave that for Mr Nice guy. You’re going to meet him and you’ll get a chance to bring him there to buy that. For now just sttck to the eating little and healthy. Know how to order decently, you can also use a little help from the waiters. You can spend 5k and still eat something really nice without breaking the ‘kolo’.


If you’re that person that goes shopping and doesn’t bargain, please change your ways fuel is expensive. If you want to buy an item please there’s no rule that says you shouldn’t haggle. You dont have to be shy about it,haggle it down. I’m sure you know how mothers do it, so this is the time to whip out that haggling skills.
Now I’m not saying you should go to places like Shop rite to haggle. Know where to haggle if possible ask if it’s OK to haggle. Try shopping the sales items as well for good bargains. And when you’re done you should best buy as many of that item as you can afford. Why? Because you may not get that price again.
So, Madam how mussh last? Lmao!


You want to have fun with your Friends and you’re low on cash? Well, invite them over. Let them get food and drinks. You can make some of the food yourself as well. Create a fire playlist and have fun. The good thing about this is no gate fee, no need for transport and if the power operators decide to fail you, you can play games. Scrabble,Ludo etc and you can play music with your phones.

This is for those with stable electricity and good Internet. Get your friends over and catch that new movie showing at the cinemas. And if you don’t have good Internet, you can get great movies on your computer and just binge watch. Get your snacks and serve ice cold home made Zobo.


Every penny is very important right now So look out for competitions online that you can participate in and make cool cash. And if not cash at least concert tickets and goodies.

I won a ticket to a concert last month and it was worth 5k so It doesn’t really cost a thing to answer questions thanks to Google or to follow instructions to win or even to post a video of you been naughty. Lol. You’re getting cool cash or cool goodies after all.

So guys,if you’re a social animal like me and you still want to maintain a great social life despite the chaos out there, just play by the rules and…..

Let’s unwind!

Next time beautiful people and by the way, new events posts coming soon,so dont be too far away.

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