Lagos Drink Ninja: Cilantro Restaurant Cocktail Review

In this week’s edition of Lagos Drink Ninja, we would be reviewing cocktails from a fine dining restaurant in Lagos, Cilantro. 

Cilantro seems to be the “it” aesthetic spot in Lagos right now. To be honest, I’m getting bored with restaurants putting so much effort into beautiful aesthetics but offering subpar food and drinks.
I won’t blame them much because I also find that it’s super easy to impress Lagosians when it comes to cocktails.. we’ve been drinking nonsense for so long that we’re used to it.
Anyway, Cilantro’s cocktails are aesthetically pleasing nonsense.

These are the 3 cocktails I had on my visit.

  1. Bullfrog
    Price: N5000
    Hustle and Bustle restaurant in Abuja set the bar crazy high for bullfrogs for me, but Cilantro brought me back to reality. It was so bad; I had to send it back. If I had that one glass I wouldn’t have gotten off that chair. I understand free pour is a skill but if you free pour and then don’t have enough glass space for the rest of the ingredients… it’s not your strong suit.
  2. Mojito
    Price: N5000
    My second try was better. It wasn’t great. But it was better.
    The mojito is why I rated them 3.5 stars; it was good. It’s a classic so I’m guessing the bartender has finessed this enough times. But I would recommend trying out their classics-margarita, martini, bloody Mary etcetera. I even went as far as ordering another Mojito and it was consistent and great!
  3. My meeting with Lea
    Price: N5000
    The recipe has potential, but it didn’t go anywhere. I sha managed it. If you’re not a fan of the overly sweet cocktails but would like just enough to mask the alcohol, this is for you. Two or three glasses and someone will have to hold your bag.


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