Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, met with young innovators in Lagos

On Friday, March 22, 2024, Meta’s President of Global Affairs met with young Nigerian innovators who leverage Meta’s platforms and products to engage with their community, innovate and drive change at a roundtable discussion in Lagos. He shared more about the expansion of monetisation features to eligible content creators in six countries across Sub-Saharan Africa by June; this means content creators can now earn on Facebook and Instagram. 

Among the attendees were innovators and creators who harness the power of Meta’s technologies to build local, cross-border, and global brands. These include Broda Shaggi, a comedian and actor, Sunkanmi Ogunniyi, founder and CEO of The Lagos Weekenders, and Uche Pedro, founder and CEO of BellaNaija. Also spotted at the event were seasoned creators who empower their communities through WhatsApp Channels or Instagram, such as Seun Olagunju – Lana, a climate enthusiast and founder of The Development School Africa; Aproko doctor, a health influencer and actor; Diary of A Naija Girl, a storyteller and a community builder; Seyi Oluyole, a dance choreographer and founder of The Dream Catchers Dance Academy. Several innovators making significant strides with Meta’s technologies to explore new and immersive technologies also attended the event. These innovators include Chinazo Anebelundu, an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analyst; Dr. Olubayo Adekanmbi, the convener of Data Science Nigeria; and Malik Afegbua, a Nigerian filmmaker, artist and designer.

Other notable innovators in attendance were Maryam Apaokagi, a comedian and cinematographer who has amassed a large following with her unique brand of humour; Mr Macaroni, an actor and content creator known for his viral skits; Mark Angel, a comedian and video producer whose videos have garnered millions of views; Tomike Adeoye, a media personality and influencer with a solid online presence; Miss Techy, a VFX video creator on Instagram with a knack for captivating her audience; Diary Of A Kitchen Lover, a food content creator who has turned her passion into a successful brand; Nelly Agbogu, a social media influencer and entrepreneur who has leveraged her platform to help and educate small businesses. 

Whether creating engaging content, reaching a wider audience, or building a brand, these innovators have all found unique ways to utilise Meta’s family of apps to impact their respective communities for social good.

Nick Clegg, Meta President of Global Affairs

Kezia Anim-Addo, Communications Director, Africa, Middle East & Turkey (AMET); Oluwasola Obagbemi, Corporate Communications Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa and Nick Clegg, Meta President of Global Affairs

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