New Year, New Vibes

Happy New Year Lagos!


It’s Finally 2017! The countdown is done, The Holidays are over! The Partying has ended or maybe not! And our friends from the other side of the world have all returned(almost sha)
I am still feeling very very lazy and unmotivated from the long holiday wHich was too lit by the way. If you had a boring holiday in Lagos then It’s your fault cos I made sure I shared all the popping places in Lagos on here and my social media pages as well. And If you’re giving excuses of not being an outdoor person, well I had pictures and videos on my instagram stories.

Anyway, We are all starting our new year on a new and hopeful note. Here’s to the very best of 2017 I hope it treats you well and you take that shot this year! Yes! Lets go for it! The Lagos weekender would be clocking a year pretty soon ( its quite eerie its being a year already) I’ll save my plans for later.

Here are the events I’ve stumbled upon to happening this weekend. Don’t be left out!

Friday 13th

                                                                         LAGOS PAINT NITE




Saturday 14th





Sunday 15th

Rele Young Contemporaries Exhibition


Let’s unwind Lagos!!
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