Sao and the Muse2: Issa Lagos Cool kids vibe!

We had the most fab time two weekends ago at Sao Cafe. Sao and the Muse took over Lagos social media the buzz was just enough for us to go check it out.
 Sao Cafe became a familiar name to me after DJ Obi broke the Guinness World Record at the restaurant which was featured on here of course. Although We did not see him play at the time, We penned Sao cafe on our Lagos living Bucket List. We soon realised Sao and the Muse was a good reason to check out the restaurant itself.
 So, What is Sao and the Muse?
Sao and the muse is a two day art event which started last year curated by Nicole Asinugo and Emmanuel Ogabi. Featuring different artists and live performances: More like a fusion of arts and music. This years’s edition even had art classes and artists like Mr Wentz(Photographer)Dennis Osadebe(Painter)Dipo Doherty John Madu Anti.Design Fredrick Archibong, Niyi Okeowo Painter August Udoh, Show Dem Camp, Kaline, The Yellow of Lagos, Daniel Obasi.
 Although, we  could not attend any of the workshops, we did two amazing evenings at Sao Cafe that we would definitely love to relive.
The first evening was quite soulful thanks to, Kaline who performed some of her songs while we enjoy the restaurant’s menu ( Love love the chills )We had complimentary drinks courtesy by Absolut Vodka of course and some canapes on the house. It was a pleasant start to the weekend.
The following evening was when we concluded that the Sao and the Muse was definitely full of  the Lagos cool kids vibe. We were able to soak in almost all that was out exhibiting. It was clearly an evening of networking, enjoying arts, relaxing and mixing with the cool kids of Lagos. We visited the art market in the premises, enjoyed silent disco with some new friends, met up with a couple of old friends took cool pictures by the Junk car made pretty courtesy Painter Abe and selfies with Anti. Design‘s mirror installation.

It was soon time for music and Funbi, BOJ and Show Dem Camp served us some Palm wine Music. It was a total Frenzy!
I ‘AbsolutLy’  cannot wait for the next edition of Sao and the Muse which I hear would be sometime later this year.
Here are pictures from the event, trust me the event was way cooler than what you’ll see.

Painter abe

art market
Add caption
Live Hair installation Medina Dugger

Daniel Obasi


The Yellow of Lagos

Boj, SDC
Live Painting

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