The Weekend List: Indoor Date Ideas

Stepping out with your partner is quite expensive these days, wouldn’t you agree? 

Even if it weren’t, there are so many other factors that could make going out for dates quite a hassle. For one, Lagos traffic is the biggest villain. Another thing that might stifle plans could just be limited options and a want for privacy. So, what do you do when you want to spend time with someone but preferably indoors. Don’t fret – we have listed some interesting date ideas for you to steal;

  1. DIY Spa session – Bring out the skin care, candles and wine 
  2. Laundry and Karaoke – You do it alone anyway so might as well involve your partner
  3. Boozy Brunch – Breakfast and tons of liquor. This is great since none of you would be driving.
  4. A podcast session – Discuss your favourite topics in a private podcast session. It never has to leave the room anyway.
  5. Couple Yoga – What is better than getting to a zen state with your partner, relaxing your body and your body and your mind.
  6. Hair care date – It could be a whole home salon experience from washing to dyeing to hair cuts and even retwists. Enjoy an intimate and fun hair care session.
  7. Work date – Just enjoy each others company with whatever atmospheric add-ons to get you both relaxed as you work side-by-side
  8. Watch your favourite concert together and pretend it’s live – A whole mini concert in your living room is never a bad idea. You get free front-row seats. 
  9. Pizza & beer sports night – Watching a football/basketball match is great when your partner can join in with the same energy. Coupled with pizza, beer and maybe wings? Perfect. 
  10. Sensory exploration games – A good way to find out what feels, tastes, and smells good which gives more insight to what you and your partner likes. 
  11. Battle of the cocktails – A cocktail competition where  you both have to judge each other as objectively as you can. Extra points for presentation.
  12. Pasta and Paint – Buy/make your favourite pasta, pair it with great wine and art supplies and pretend you’re in the most romantic place in Italy.
  13. Nap date: Picture this – Fluffy pillows, scented candles, a cool, dark room with lots of cuddles.
  14. Mini costume party: Be children again. Get dressed as silly or serious as you want and set up a photoshoot afterwards. Anything goes; it’s a rules-free activity.
  15. Baking competition: For all the sweet-tooths who like to get messy. Find out whose pastry making skills is the best.
  16. Charcuterie board building: You could do it together or you could compete. Make the biggest and best charcuterie board you have ever seen and then enjoy eating it afterwards. 
  17. Games night – Whots, ludo, hide-and-seek…whatever games you can do for two, go ahead and do them.
  18. Redecorate – If you feel like switching up your space and you don’t want to do it alone, make it a date. 
  19. Religion themed date – What a beautiful way to get closer to your maker and your partner. From prayer sessions to studying holy books, this is a lovely and intimate date idea.
  20. Mukbang: Buy a ton of food you might have not tried before and record yourselves eating and doing a food review. It’s fun, engaging and a great way to bond. 

You have 20 options to pick from and we’re sure a couple of them must have caught your attention. You can expect another article highlighting unique outdoor date ideas too. In the meantime, enjoy your indoor dates!

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