Weekender Tips For a Better Dining Experience in Lagos

Despite the many controversies online regarding Lagos restaurants, The Lagos Weekenders would love to ensure you that a great dining experience is more than possible, and all it takes is adequate preparation. If you’d love to dine in Lagos and have the best experience here, here are a few guaranteed tips to have in mind:

Check the menu before you go

Before going out to eat or deciding on the restaurant you want to visit, checking the menu is a smart move as it will keep you abreast of what kind of dishes are served there and what the price range of their dishes is. This will help you streamline your options on the spots that will offer the best dining experience for you. 

Read Reviews

One person’s experience does not determine the overall experience at a particular location. A person might have had a really terrible time at a location while another will have a great time. However, it is still paramount to read reviews and understand the experience of others as it might give you a better understanding of the service offered here and if it will be suitable for you.

Follow the dress code

Some restaurants might not categorically ask you to wear a particular outfit before you can be allowed access. However, there is always a proper way to dress and an improper way to dress. It is always better to remain classy with the outfits and look presentable when dining in Lagos.

Set a reasonable budget with the menu in mind

After streamlining all your options and picking the most suitable one, it is best to have a set budget that you do not wish to exceed. A restaurant you have picked after going through the menu will definitely have dishes that your stomach will be interested in, and this makes it very easy to go overboard if your budget is not set. Consider the price range of the meals and make a reasonable budget even before D-day.

Make reservations

Many restaurants in Lagos attend strictly to customers who have made a reservation, while others don’t. However, it is advised always to make reservations to be on the safer side and avoid being denied entry. If you’d also be dining as a group or you’d just prefer a particular table, then making reservations would really be in your favour.

Understand what you are ordering

Never assume. Several spots in Lagos have creatively renamed their dishes to suit the theme of their restaurant. If you are not sure about what a particular dish or drink contains, always ask for clarification so you do not end up with a meal that does not suit your palette.

Ask the waiter for suggestions

If you want the best dining experience, feel free to ask questions. Ask what is the customer’s favourite on the menu, ask if the meal prices are VAT included, ask if the alcohol content in the cocktail is high, and ask if the meal might contain a spice you do not like or are allergic to. This will save you a lot of trouble and help you make a great decision.

Check your bill properly

Mistakes happen. You might have seen a review about a restaurant overcharging a customer, but that could have been a mistake, or it could have been an additional fee that the restaurants typically charge. So ensure you check it properly before leaving the restaurant to avoid confusion.

Don’t overeat starters

If you are going for the full dining experience, try not to do too much on the starters. They certainly all look yummy and are served in small sizes, so you might think you can eat a lot of that and still go for the other courses. However, overeating starters before getting your main dish 

Be aware of your environment

When dining out, it is always important to be conscious of your environment and the aura it exudes to avoid any issues with the staff or management. In some casual spots, you might be free to even stand in the middle of the space to shoot a production without being disturbed. However, some spots are clearly very reserved, and it is better to remain in your designated part of the restaurant to do whatever you want without being an inconvenience to other guests in any way. 

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