Weekender Tips to Enjoy Lagos Nightlife on a Budget

When many people hear “Nightlife in Lagos”, the first thing that comes to mind is clubbing, and we all know that clubbing in Lagos is for the ballers who are ready to spend good money. Hence, many people have deprived themselves of enjoying Lagos nightlife without realizing that nightlife is not only for the club-goers. Lagos is a city that is alive for 24 hours, and the nightlife in Lagos is a lifestyle that every Lagosian needs to experience. Here are a few ways to make the most of the Lagos nightlife on a budget:

Watch Live Band Performances

Is there a more authentic way to enjoy nightlife as a Lagosian than enjoying live band performances? The OG Lagosians know that no Lagos party is complete without dancing to a performer’s music, and many spots in Lagos have taken it upon themselves to ensure that Lagosians can still enjoy this, even without going to a party. The best part is that most of these performances are usually free to enjoy. All you have to do is buy your meal and enjoy the music into the night in the most authentic way ever.
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Visit a Lounge

In recent times, lounges have recognized the need for more entertainment into the wee hours of the night and have been intentional about satisfying that demand. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in the city, visiting a resto-lounge might just be the way to go. Rather than visiting a club, you can enjoy a similar experience on a budget by simply visiting a resto-lounge with limitless entertainment acts, from dances to magical acts, theatre performances, and many more, depending on the spot you choose to visit and its pre-planned activities for the night.

Go for Predrinks

Going for predrinks is a great way to enjoy Lagos’s nightlife on a budget. Rather than going to clubs where you’d have to buy bottles of alcohol, there are several restaurants usually open till late at night. You can enjoy shots or nice cocktails with your friends at these locations without breaking the bank.
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Join Communities like The Lagos Weekenders

 A community like The Lagos Weekender wants you to enjoy living in Lagos to the fullest, during the day and even at night. By joining a community like this, you are guaranteed to mix with other people who love the good life, and you will also be given the platform to take advantage of it in the best possible way. From being introduced to all the hottest events happening around the city to getting massive discounts at the best spots just because you are affiliated with The Lagos Weekender. In this community, you can also make friends who would love to enjoy nightlife without breaking the bank and are willing to come together to cut costs. 

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