What Does Christmas in Lagos Look Like This December?

A podcaster recently asked her guest what Christmas looked like in Nigeria. He said, “It’s a party, but not Christmas-related. It’s just an excuse to party.” Honestly, that’s a perfect description, because why do we all look forward to December in Lagos and just party hard the entire month? Detty December, osim Christmas celebrations, but “we are outside” regardless!

Most Nigerians consider December the most fun month of the year, but Lagosians take it up another notch. Trust us! Everyone is at one party, event, rave or owambe or the other. Suffice it to say, the shege that this year has served is enough for anyone to roll out the drums and celebrate their survival.

December in Lagos is fun, as always. But if you are yet to feel the festivities or you’re new in town this season, here’s what December looks like in Lagos:


At this point, fireworks and ‘knockouts‘ in Lagos are becoming December staples as the sellers have already started selling out since November, welcoming us into the one month of the year where we have to set a special budget for Faaji

Beautiful, beautiful Christmas decorations!

Eko o ni baje o! We bet you that will be your thought when you go outside this December to see just how beautiful the city is! The Christmas decorations in Lagos this December are particularly spectacular; we even had to compile a video with a few locations we spotted around town. Lagos is such a beautiful place, and these Christmas decorations make it even better.

Shopping Extravaganza!

After spending all our money on Black Friday sales, the vendors have decided that we have more to spend, which is why they have decided to do more discount sales. And they know! They know we like awoof in Lagos, and we cannot resist! We’d keep buying from your Christmas, end-of-year, and even Boxing Day sales because we cannot miss out on such sweet opportunities. 

Father Christmas or Santa Claus?

Around the world, kids are excited to see Santa Claus, but both adults and children in Lagos are happy about seeing ‘Father Christmas.’ This year, we have seen different versions of Father Christmas, and confusion is beginning to set in. Should Father Christmas be dancing legwork, or is that just the Lagos effect? Either ways, it’s fun to see the different versions of Santa Claus in Lagos this season.


Banks, media companies, schools, churches, event planners and many more are all standing on business this year with the numerous fun fairs happening this month alone. One thing that’s for sure this month is that the children are going to have fun and even the adults are leaving maturity at home as we are all going to take any excuse to go on those rides and play in the water!

Transportation Woes

Everyone and their mothers and IJGB cousins are in town for a fun Christmas which means the city’s infrastructure is spread thin. As usual, expect crazy surges in the prices of ride-hailing apps. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of transportation options in the city so you might struggle a bit with this harsh reality. Hard times for real, but we’ll survive!


Other than Afrobeats artistes like Rema, Wizkid and a few others who won’t be gracing any stages this month for personal reasons, some of our faves will be holding the entertainment and concert scene down. We know DavidO has been billed for a number of shows, same as Askae and we are looking forward to these events. Be it for a performance or just an appearance, all your favourite Afrobeats legends are in your city this month, so it’s time to sing your lungs out and party!

Battle of the Lagos Owambes

We have a feeling that there’s an unpublicized deadline for people to get married because there are so many wedding parties in town this season. Trust us, we’re not even complaining. Who doesn’t like free food and booze? If you’re in Lagos this December, do yourself a favour and attend one Owmabe or two.

Bottom Line

Enjoyment is a mindset, and that’s the only acceptable statement this December. What are you doing in Lagos this month? What does December look like in your area? We advise you to get out! Go outside and have yourself a good time on your own terms.

Happy holidays, Weekenders!

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