5 Alternative Things to Do in Lagos to Relieve Stress

Going to the beach, the club, or trying out a new restaurant are typically the first things that come to mind when trying to do something fun in Lagos. But what if we told you that Lagos offers many more exciting things to do than these?

Lagos recently ranked the second-worst liveable city in the world according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This is proof that if you live in Lagos, you must find creative ways to ease off stress maybe during your weekend, break, holiday, or just a moment of escape. You can join a Salsa class, a burlesque class, or even go on a brewery tour and we’ve got the roadmap to do this.

1. Try Pole Dancing

Pole dancing looks like a discovery in Lagos but has been around for a while. It’s a great form of workout through exotic dancing, but you can also try it for recreational purposes, especially as a way to help you tap into your sexuality. It’s also useful to stretch your body, and it’s not only for ladies but for men who want to do something different. While you may not consider this fun, it’s a great way to build your agility and strength. It would sweep you off your feet, literally.
You can try a single class, book a private session or just join the club. Classes range between N3000-N40,000 depending.

2. Learn Archery

Lagos is one of the historical birthplaces of the sport in Nigeria, and a few clubs are carrying the tradition forward to keep it alive. Archery can be a recreational or sports activity to test your body coordination and boost your confidence. If you want to mould your focus skills, you should join an archery club. There are a couple of such clubs in Lagos. The Lekki Archers Club would be glad to welcome you.

3. Enjoy an Outdoor Cinema

Trust us, this happens in Lagos very often. You should try it out. It’s a great alternative to just Netflixing and chilling. You get to enjoy the great outdoors while watching your favourite movies, along with other side attractions. It could be a perfect date idea for couples or a way to connect and meet new people. 
You can try Nothing to do in Lagos for N1,500 or Movie in the Park for N3,000.

4. Go on a Brewery Tour

Although there are many breweries in Lagos, do any of them allow you to see how your favourite beer is made? Enter Bature Brewery. Since opening in Lagos in 2020, Bature brewery has gained popularity for its Taco Tuesday events, but did you know you could visit the facility and learn how the beer is made? We heartily recommend taking advantage of their frequently offered brewery tours, which are typically between 10 and 30 minutes. (Not just because you get to drink a beer, though)

5. Learn a Social Dance

Dance classes are a sure way to increase flexibility, which is why we highly recommend them. A couple of restaurants and lounges in Lagos host regular salsa classes, but you can also book private classes at a dance studio. Dance studios give you a range of dances to choose from and learn. From Kizomba to Salsa to Cha Cha or Bachata.
You can try the Body Language dance studio in Ilupeju & Caspers and Gambini’s, Ikeja City Mall, if you’re on the mainland, or try Kence Koncept classes at iMax, Lekki.

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