5 Types of Weekenders Outside in Lagos this December

Everyone is outside this December, and the Weekenders are not about to miss out on the fun. Our community consists of a group of people who are all about the fun Lagos lifestyle and want to enjoy Lagos to the fullest. 

Weekenders have access to information about all the hotshot events and the great spots to try out. Still, only a selected few take up this opportunity and use the information they are privileged to anytime and any day. In December, everyone is finally in the city and wants to have fun. These are the different types of Weekenders we believe will be doing that this December:

The Insiders who finally want to have some fun

A fraction of Weekenders are actually insiders but will never admit it. They are in our community because they want to be aware of all the fun spots and events in Lagos. Yet, they always have one excuse or another to stay in their bed and scroll through every social media platform during the weekends. Why?! From January to November, this category of Weekenders have only attended less than five events. However, it is December, and they finally have a reason to be outside. After seeing clips from fellow Weekenders who are seizing the moment and having the time of their lives, they have finally realized that their beds might not be so much fun and are ready to experience Lagos. Even if they are not ready to be outside, they have little to no choice because their fellow Weekenders are on a mission to ensure that no one is missing out this December.

The IJGBs in Lagos

Female traveler at the train station waiting for her train.

Since the beginning of the year, our community members who are based in Lagos and living the proper Lagos life have been peppering those living in other parts of the world who know about how much fun is in Lagos, but cannot taste it. This fraction of Weekenders have been waiting for December so they can finally taste the Lagos life, even if it is just for a little while. They have vowed to chop the life of their head in the little time they intend to spend in Lagos, and they mean business! They are coming with foreign currencies, swag and accents to prove to other community members that they also know how to party like Lagosians.

The Lagos Ballers

This set of Weekenders are the ones who are enjoying their membership in our community on a premium level. People who fall under this category of Weekenders are our big spenders who are always in the VIP section of events and pop bottles every weekend. This fraction wants to experience Lagos but in a premium way, and we enable them to do just that. The Lagos Ballers are outside every other weekend and will be the ones to show the IJGB set how to party like Lagosians.

The Social Birds

Many Weekenders fall into this category as the people here just want to have fun. They want to visit a cool spot with their coworkers after work on a Tuesday, they want to take their lovers out to a nice spot during the weekend, and they want to know great spots to have gelato and Italian food. People in this category just want to go out and have some fun any day and anytime. They always contribute to discussions and visit every spot we recommend. Their social life is 10/10, and they will definitely be outside this December.

The ones looking for love

The oppression this 2023 from the Weekenders in love was a lot! They have put the single ones on a mission to find love by the end of the year, and the single Weekenders have accepted the challenge. Since Lagos is filled with people from around the world in December, it is the easiest time to fish for your significant other as there are plenty of fishes in the river, but the golden fish you can find in December is the best. These Weekenders have prepared themselves well throughout the year and will be outside this month, looking to fish or be fished. 

What kind of Weekender are you? Are you an insider with a newly found freedom, or you are one of the community members on a mission to find love this December? What do you like most about being a Weekender? Say the truth here with your full chest! Regardless of your category, your duty as a Weekender is to go outside this December and enjoy. Our events calendar has been updated with all the best events you will find in Lagos this December, and we can confidently say this month will be so much fun.

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