Hidden Gems In Lagos Worth Visiting: Part 2

Lagos offers much more than restaurants, lounges or beaches and we’ve proven this in the first edition of this article.  Here are even more alternative places to explore and have a great time. We have sourced for places that would be an interesting find to those that like to go out and enjoy activities that aren’t the regular activities. 

  1. Miliki: This is a membership based lounge that has an art exhibition space only accessible after applying for membership through a patronage application form. This is an OG location for older arts enthusiasts. Miliki’s stated mission is to provide those with ties to or interests in the arts, sciences, design, and social justice with the comforts and services of a private lounge for social interaction. They occasionally do shows for public attendance outside of the private ones.

  1. Rap Joint: RJL is a contemporary cultural hub where anyone can unwind and exchange personal experiences with rap music and the surrounding culture, from rap enthusiasts to curious cats. It has a record shop, a bookstore and a restaurant with an interesting local cuisine menu. It is an artsy space complete with the murals of  hip-hop stars and a setup that is similar to a recording studio. It’s a nice place to visit for music lovers who want a different experience
  1. Skate City: Did you know there’s a skating rink on the Mainland? For those who are ever curious about trying roller skating or are already good at it, this spot is for you. Skate City is located in Maryland and not only comes with a skating rink but also has other side attractions like VR and PlayStation games, a snooker table and hoverboards. It’s a fun spot for family and/or friends to hang out. 
  1. Lekki Archers club: For those looking to test their dexterity with bows and arrows, this is the activity for you. Archery is not only one of the oldest sports, it’s also one that requires a high level of skill. The Lekki Archers club is a great place to learn those skills or flex them. Simply sign up for their day pass which comes at individual and group rates and let the instructor lead the way. 
  1. Miniature golf at Vitality Sports and Leisure: Landmark provided a space for lovers of miniature golf. It’s a fun, bonding experience that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Like its parent game, miniature golfing requires focus and a measure of calculation. Thankfully, it’s a very affordable activity, averaging a price of N3,000 per head. Also, it does not require any membership to be able to enjoy the sports.
  1. Shadow rage room: Are you looking for a safe outlet to vent your anger and frustration? This place is the perfect place to do that. Let loose and express your emotions in Lagos’ first rage room. You would be allowed to destroy available items without repercussion. Sounds great right? What makes it even better is that you can have group sessions with family/friends.

These are a few places to check out whenever you get the chance to. Not only are they a change in pace from your usual activities, they are also new and spice up your outings. We wish you a lovely time out.

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