Ready to Play and have Fun? My Squad and I were Most Wanted at SMIRNOFF Hangouts

Smirnoff is taking Nigeria by storm and I am loving it. Imagine my shock walking into Farm City and finding the entire bar be-dazzled in the red colours of Smirnoff.

Settled in with my girls and ordered food and drinks, while we waited for the serves, we quickly played a Jenga game and my clumsy ass brought the tower down. I was mourning my loss and getting teased when the drinks arrived and guess what? It is Dorime for me, our drinks were brought in by the waiters, heralded by music and hailed by the hype man. Ahn Ahn! All this for me?

I got to know my friends and the other guys that joined our table better with the truth or dare games, I can’t sing to save my life but my girl Jennifer brought the roof down at the Karaoke bar singing Beyonce Halo. She teamed up with her bobo I.K. to do a duet of No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown… Wahala for the couple that can’t sing o, me self-go love! That duet was the highlight of the night for everyone as they were applauded after their performance.

We took pictures at the Smirnoff Photo Booth to capture memories of our day out so we never forget the incredible experience of our hangout.

Let us know if you will be coming with your squad to the Smirnoff Hangouts. Follow @smirnoffng to get info on locations and use the #SmirnoffHangout hashtag to post your experiences.

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