6 New Ways to Keep your Nightclub Relevant

Nightclubs are a vital part of a healthy nightlife scene, providing a space for people to enjoy live music, dancing, and socialising. However, with so many nightclubs to choose from, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out from the competition especially in an entertainment hub like Lagos. It helps that Nigeria is currently the giant of the Afrobeats genre, an advantage that boosts the overall nightlife experience in our cities. As a club owner, it’s important to find new ways to improve the experience of guests beyond the booming music, drinks, bottle service and the newer recurring routines.

We have compiled a couple of ideas to keep your Nightclub thriving and spice up the experience of your guests;

  1. Make the DJ booth the Focal point: There’s something about a very dramatic and central DJ booth that grabs the attention of the crowd and keeps people on the dance floor. This could also include dancers, sparklers, confetti, LED lights, smoke machines, a club mascot,  visual screens on the booths, etc. This coupled with the right lighting can amp the mood to one that actually has people off their seats and dancing, creating a collective adrenaline-pumped synergy. This also maximises the influence of the DJ on the crowd, unifying them with great rounds of music. This is a great way to create lasting memories for clubbers. 
  2. Party Props: From glow-in-the-dark sticks to LED masks/glasses, to glow sticks, and other fun props, this is a fun way to amp up your nightclub experience. These could be for sale or could be complimentary. Whichever way, it’s a cool way of making clubs feel like a sort of adult playground. 
  3. Amp up Exclusive benefits: There could be packages for exclusive members of the club, from destination parties (for example, a club hosting a yacht party version with restricted invite). This could also include complimentary drinks for certain recurring customers. Whatever this looks like, exclusivity is a boost for other clubbers to strive to reach a certain status in the nightclub membership list.  
  4. Elevated bottle service: Instead of the typical strobe batons, sparklers, and other typical ways bottles are served, there could be an elevated bottle service. For example, utilising acts such as belly dancers or magicians in the service of the bottles would be a fun and new way of both entertaining and serving bottles. It’s dazzling, dramatic and can still come with all the pomp of a bottle service.
  5. Loosely themed events: This requires active social media accounts. Picture an Owambe themed Saturday club experience, people coming dressed in red-carpet looks, buying rounds of bottles as they warm up to scatter the dancefloor with a DJ spinning nostalgic throwbacks accompanied with talking drums. It’s like a wedding after party but also a glimpse into how our grandparents used to club back in the day. This one idea of many showing you how bendable themes can be and how every experience can be tailored to meet the picked theme. This is also fun because even if the clubbers don’t come dressed, the club would be decorated accordingly. 
  6. Photo Booth: There could be provisions for photoshoots for clubbers that could either be a set up photo booth or even a polaroid picture. Guests can get their pictures taken with the club branding. It is a good and fun way of creating memories while also acting as a promotion tool for the club. 

With this being said, take advantage of these ideas to elevate the nightlife experience in your nightclubs and give your guests something memorable worth talking about nights to come. Of course, don’t forget the basics- good customer service, good music and the right ambience.

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