5 Luxurious Spa and Wellness Centres to Visit in Lagos

You have been working for approximately 16 weeks in the traffic-laden city of Lagos with its high prices and ultimately higher stress levels – you are very due for a Spa session. With the hectic lifestyle that comes with being a Lagosian, it can be easy to forget that taking care of your mental and physical health should always come first. This is why it’s crucial that you set aside some cash and schedule a weekend getaway for yourself to indulge in the therapeutic touch of a masseuse or the deft hands of an esthetician. 

To save you the stress of looking for the best Spa and wellness locations for your massage or personal care treatments, we have compiled a list of spas in Lagos that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a good range of services for your indulgence.

  1. ORÍKÌ Spa: This spa boasts top-notch equipment, full-body waxing options, hand and foot treatments, among other amenities. Of course, ORÍKÌ Spa includes everything your ideal spa should provide you, including the soothing experience you desire as well as some entertainment while you’re there. Additionally, they have multiple locations and even offer home service too. 

  1. Therapie Medspa: Therapie medspa is a day spa and wellness centre that provides a variety of spa services like massages, facials, skin analyses, hammam baths, peels, Botox, waxing, and lifestyle counselling. It is also an ideal spot for Brides-to-be to spoil themselves. 
  1. Amani Spa: Known for the luxurious experience they offer, Amani Spa in Ikeja is a top pick for those requiring extra pampering services. Enjoy their saunas, professional massages accompanied with lowlights and calming music, their relaxing teas and much more. From their ethereal and serene environment, to their well-rounded packages that go above and beyond to not only renew the body but the mind, it’s definitely a spa to visit. 
  1. Mud Spa:  Mud Spa in Ikoyi offers an immersive sensory experience using the finest quality products sourced directly from Morocco. Clients can enjoy luxurious Hammam treatments that use handpicked Argan Oil, a plant-based emollient known for its healing properties. With carefully chosen professionals on staff to ensure optimum relaxation and stress relief, it is no surprise why people come to this spectacular place for a professional spa day.
  1. Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort: Located in the heart of Ikoyi and with a tranquil environment that comes with a  beautiful garden, this Spa is located in a lovely resort. It isn’t only known for its renowned massages but also its budget-friendly prices and its great options of dishes. Spoil yourself by making this your staycation spot for the weekend and maximise their spa services and their well-known restaurant.

Remember that your body deserves some extra care and affection. Don’t hold out on yourself; visit one of our recommended spas soon. 

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