7 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Long Distance Couples

Different people perceive long distance relationships differently. Whether it be from the Island to the Mainland or from Lagos to London, it is difficult not having your partner at a convenient distance. The longing is bad enough every other day but must be particularly tough during celebratory moments especially Valentine’s. You are likely to see services targeted at couples during this season, stores are stocked with valentine hampers, your instagram timeline is scattered with couple content and even your friends are asking your opinion on a date idea… Literally everything is out to remind you of just how long the distance of your relationship is.

You don’t need us dragging out this issue because clearly, you clicked on the link to look for solutions on what to do to make the day special. We believe that love has no boundaries, so let’s help you make the most out of this valentine season;


  1. Send a package: Aren’t we lucky to be in a time of electronics and social media where sending gifts to loved ones can be arranged in a matter of minutes? Contacting a gift store is a great way to set something up. Another way is to get roommates, friends or family of your partner to arrange something sweet. It’s both convenient and a pleasant surprise.

  2. Set up a video call dinner date: Prop up your phones and cook your favourite meals,  set up your tables and eat together over a video call. The experience coupled with banter, candles and music could lead to a beautiful valentine. You could even send each other dessert via delivery for a literal sweet finish.

  3. A Netflix party session: Most long distance couples are familiar with this but it can be amped up by sending gifts, snacks and a sweet note over. It would be extra special if you also watch a movie that holds a special memory for both of you or alternatively watch one of the many newly released romance movies.

  4. Send them letters leading up to Valentine’s day: With constant communication being the main form of connection between you and your partner, there are cute ways to switch it up by sending letters. A deliberate number of days leading up to the 14th can be picked for letters to be sent with sweet, sincere notes expressing your feelings to your partner.

  5. A spa experience: Everyone loves to be taken care of and if it can’t be done by their person physically, the experience can be outsourced. Surprise your partner with a pampering session which could include spa, massage, facial etc.

  6. Make them a playlist: Music lovers would agree that playlists from your partner is a literal love language. What better way to express your adoration for your person than to send them a collection of songs doing just that? 

  7. Show up physically: Don’t we love a good unexpected reunion of lovers? If the budget fits and you want to blow valentines day out the park, make arrangements to show up physically. I’m sure your partner won’t stop talking about it for the rest of the month.Even better, plan a trip: A destination Valentine? Yes, please. Plan a trip with your partner – even if it’s a staycation – and have the best time with your favourite person. 

Hopefully, this article has helped in some way. Just remember that nothing is too small to show the person you love that you’re thinking about them.

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