8 Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling with a travel buddy is fun but solo traveling sometimes can be a whole different adventure. You may need some time for yourself and one of the ways to connect with you is by traveling alone and enjoying your own company. Solo traveling allows you to get to know yourself better, embrace yourself, and explore at your own pace without having to worry about someone else.

Most of us wish to go on a trip like this at least once in a lifetime whether within or outside the country but there are several challenges and hurdles that may deter you. Sometimes nervousness, the fear of the unknown, or just discomfort about the prospect of traveling alone, can be a stumbling block. Especially if you’re planning a trip to a different country where you may not know anyone.

It is normal to feel that way and for that reason, we have highlighted some tips to make your next solo traveling adventure a great one and to help you feel confident enough to make that decision now. That said, Let’s dive in;

1. Share Your Travel Plans With Someone Close to You:

When visiting a place for the first time, it is very important that you share your plans with a friend or family. Let them know where you would be lodging, your activities throughout the trip, and any other related things. That way, they would be able to stay in touch with you even if an emergency arises.


2. Do Your Research:

At times, it is normal for you to get super excited and overwhelmed about the trip but never forget to look into the place you are going. You might want to check out things like.

What language do they speak there?

What is their culture like?

Where will I stay?

That will help you decide if it is the place to be or if you need to check out something better.

3. Endeavor to do a medical check-up: 

Meet with your doctor for a general check-up even if you are not sick. This will help you equip yourself for the journey ahead. Take all the necessary medications with you so that way, you won’t have to worry about anything.

4. Be Security Conscious:

The need to be security conscious cannot be overemphasized especially when it is your first time. You want to connect with new people but you also need to be careful around them as you don’t know what everyone’s motives are.

Secure your valuables and documents, trust me, you do not want to be stranded in another man’s land.

5. Connect and Network:

On this trip, you want to mingle, you want to meet new people, and get to know them. Go with that mindset so that while you are on the bus, train, or airplane, you are keeping a smiley face and you are approachable.

Another way to connect with strangers on a solo trip is by engaging in conversation and that brings us to number six.

6. Learn The Basics of Their Language:

If you are traveling alone to another country or a different state where they do not speak the language that you understand, you should learn the basic words in their language so you would be able to communicate and get the best out of that trip.

7.Take Pictures, Record Memories:

“Are you taking a picture of every memory of your life?” in Omah Lay’s voice.

On a solo travel/trip, you should take pictures of every place you visit, record moments you love, and just enjoy yourself. After your adventure, you will always need to look at those pictures and bring back the memories of all that you did and enjoyed on the trip.


8. Always Have Cash On You:

For emergency purposes, it is good to always have enough cash on you when you are going outside or for a walk.

Traveling alone is so much fun and the absolute feeling of absolute freedom is a thing you will always look forward to on every trip but it is also important to know all of these things before going on a solo trip especially if it’s your first time.

We hope our tips help you to get the best out of your next trip. Also, you can share your solo travel experience with us in the comment section. We would love to know about it.











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