Lagos-Inspired Cocktails and Where to Find Them

There are unlimited cocktails in Lagos and it is almost impossible for you to try out all of them as there are dozens of restaurants in the city where you would find new ones every time you go out. Many of these spots in Lagos have also tapped into their creative spirits to create special cocktails, with some of them receiving inspiration from our very own city.
As Lagos Weekenders who love and appreciate this city, of course, we have to try them out!
This piece highlights seven Lagos-inspired cocktails you should try and the places you can find them.

Eko Royale 

Location: Food Shack
The signature Eko Royale cocktail by Food Shack is a delightful drink fit for a royal palate. It’s a mix of flavours as it contains pawpaw puree, mango, fresh lime juice with gold rum and passion fruit liquor. This mix is then topped with sparkling wine and soda water for the Eko Royale and is sold for only 8,500 naira.

Lagos Atlantic

Location: Carnival
Sold for 8,000 naira only, this is a simple orange-flavored cocktail that hits the spots every time and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. This signature cocktail offered by The Carnival is made with vodka, triple sec, orange, and grenadine.

Atlantic Martini

Location: Black Pepper
As the name gives off, the Atlantic Martini cocktail is a dry martini-based cocktail. It is a simple but strong drink flavoured with strawberry and is sold for only 8,800 naira.


Location: Nok by Alara
Named after Lagosians, it is only expected that this drink has more razzle-dazzle than the others, as we Lagosians love to be extra. The Lagosians cocktail sold for 17,500 naira is the most expensive drink on the list. However, that price is expected as it is made with a mix of Martell VS, Cointreau, strawberry and lime. 

Gidi Scent

Location: Nok by Alara
Gidi Scent is similar to a mojito, but the Lagos edition. As expected, it contains white rum, lemonade and lime juice. However, the twist is the Lagos-inspired ingredients: scent leaves rather than mint leaves and ginger. This delicious drink is sold for 9,000 naira, and you should definitely try it to see what a Lagosian’s mocktail tastes like.


Location: See Lagos
This cocktail is meant for people who have to have fun but in the proper Lagos way. Jaye is as authentic as it gets, as its main ingredient is fresh palm wine. Lime juice, passion fruit, rum and a dash of grenadine are also added to the native wine to make this cocktail. See Lagos sells this cocktail for only 10,000 naira, and it should definitely be on your must-try list.

Lekki Social

Location: XO Bakery
This drink was inspired not just by Lagos but, more specifically, by the social scene is Lekki. Hence, you should expect that it is pretty to look at, intense and can be addictive once you get a taste of it. This cocktail sold for only 8,000 naira, has Raspberry alligator pepper cordial as its main ingredient, because what is a Lagos cocktail without some fire? It also contains some pineapple spiced rum, white rum, cranberry and soda.

Lagos mule

Location: Nok by Alara
If you do not take alcohol but would like to have a Lagos-inspired drink, then this virgin cocktail is a must-have! The Lagos Mule cocktail, sold for only 7,000 naira, is a mix of fresh lime juice, ginger syrup, club soda and ginger beer. 

All of these drinks are just as interesting as they sound and as delicious they look. Of course, TLW will always come up with all the fun ideas and experiences to enjoy the city of Lagos. If you are not a member of our community, then you are yet to experience Lagos in the best way possible. Sign up for this fun experience as fast as you can!

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