Where to Eat in Lagos: Spots to Enjoy Local Dishes

When it comes to food and cravings, a Lagosian has nothing to worry about, as there is always one spot or another that serves exactly what you need. If you are craving local Nigerian delicacies from proper Abula to starch and banga, Abacha and many more, here are the top spots to satisfy those cravings in Lagos this year:

The Junction

Eastern Cuisine
As an Easterner living in Lagos, you would love this gem located at Lekki. The Junction is that spot to find all the authentic Eastern dishes you are craving or willing to try. The vibe here is also really cozy with a homey feel. From Nknowbi to Isiewu, Oha soup, palm wine and many more, you have a lot of options for local dishes when dining here. 
Address: 23 Adebayo Dorathy Road, Lekki
Menu: Click here

Native tray

South-South Cuisine
As the name gives away, Native Tray is another spot in Lagos where you are guaranteed to find the most authentic native delicacies. This spot leans more towards Southern dishes like starch, fisherman soup, banga soup and others. The food here is really affordable and the ambience is nice and fresh with a rustic contemporary design. It has a relatively short wait-time, but traditional games are also available to keep you occupied while you wait for your local delicacy.
Address: 19 Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1
Menu: Click here

Ofada Hut

Just like Ofada Heaven, which is located on the mainland, Ofada Hut is the place to satisfy your Ofada cravings on the Island. This spot particularly serves some of the best Ofada in Lagos as the accompanying sauces are really tasty. Of course, you’d also find several other local delicacies here if you want something other than the signature Ofada rice. 
Address: 110 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
Menu: Click here

Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilli is a beautiful restaurant that seeks to highlight Nigerian culture through experimental dining. This restaurant, with spots in Victoria Island and Ikeja, serves local Nigerian dishes with a contemporary twist to battle the stereotype that tasty local dishes can only be found in a bukateria. The meals at Yellow Chilli are reasonably priced, and you can get a variety of local dishes. The space is also beautiful, with an interior that lets you feel right at home. 
Address: 27 Oju Olubon Close, Victoria Island, 35 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja
Menu: Click here


Western Cuisine
As the name gives away, Orile is a spot where you’d find the most authentic dishes from western Nigeria with a modern twist. Located in the heart of Lekki, the space is also beautifully decorated to promote Western culture and has a really lovely ambience. From Abula to Iyan and even Asun and palm wine, you’ll find all the lovely Western dishes you might be craving here and more.
Address: 2, Ichie Chris Street Off Abeke Animashaun, Lekki Phase 1
Menu: Click here


Ite is a beautiful restaurant in Lekki where you can vist for good vibes and delicious local delicacies from all parts of the country. The interior at My Ite screams African with a modern twist, and the meals here are really tasty. From Abacha to pepper soup, efo riro, ofada and many more, the menu here has options for every Nigerian palette. 
Address: 8 Providence Street, Lekki Phase 1
Menu: Click here

As a Lagosian, you have no worries when it comes to food as there are always options for you. You can also check here for more recommendations on spots to get local delicacies in Lagos. If you are also feeling fancy and in the mood for international cuisines, we have also got you covered with recommendations here

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