Ranking Concerts We Attended in December ’23

We were outside every day in December! We partied hard and had so much fun that we did not want it to stop. The Weekenders totally enjoyed last December as we attended a wide variety of events and the concerts were unlimited!
After attending one concert or another almost every day in December, it is only right that we rank the best ones we attended so you can get a taste of how much fun we had and prepare yourself to have as much fun this year. We’d be ranking these concerts based on our experience, the production, security, performances and organization. 

Nativeland Festival

Rating 9/10
Nativeland festival was full of life and vibes as the Gen Z crowd pulled up in numbers. Everyone at the event came to have fun, and the artists invited came to make sure that a great time was had! Uncle Waffles showed off at this event because her performance blew our minds! Ayra Starr also came to show us why she is regarded as celestial, and we couldn’t agree more!

Stacked December: No Bad Vibes with LAX

Rating: 7/10
The first concert we attended in December to kick off the concert season was “No Bad Vibes with LAX’, which set the vibes for the other concerts in Lagos, and we really loved it. The performances were okay, but they could have been better. However, we had fun reminiscing some of our favourite hits from way back, and it was a fun night for us.

Flytime Fest: Rhythm Unplugged

Rating: 710
We didn’t know what to expect from the beginning of the event as several attendees didn’t seem to come with the vibes. Hence, the first few hours of the event were pretty underwhelming, as people had really high expectations. However, there was a complete turnaround as everyone started dancing and singing at the top of their lungs when the artists finally started to grace the stages. Roddy Ricch, the headline performer, Mayorkun, Fave, Fireboy, BNXN and many other amazing artists graced this stage, and we loved their performances.

Palmwine Fest

Rating: 7/10
Tems was the star of this fest as many people attending this event, especially first-timers, came with hopes of seeing her perform. However, her time on the stage was very short, which was a bummer for half the crowd. Aside from her, most of the other performers were alte artists and people who enjoyed that vibe got to enjoy the rest of the event. 

Flytime Fest: Kizz Daniel

Rating: 9/10
If there’s one thing Kizz Daniel is known for, it’s the fact that this man has ‘No Bad Songs!’ Kizz Daniel celebrated a decade on stage this very day and came prepared with a great performance to commemorate this event. It took a while for him to get into the performance as the audience was singing louder than him at first. However, he absolutely nailed his performance when he got into the right mood and gave everyone the VADO energy they came to experience. 

Flytime Fest: Davido

Rating: 8/10
The Flytime Fest organisers are some of Nigeria’s best concert organisers. Hence, we had really high expectations for an event headlined by one of Nigeria’s A-list artists. However, Davido’s event happened to be rowdy, which was a bummer. Regardless, Davido’s set was so good that everyone was dancing the entire time he performed and it absolutely made up for everything else. 

Flytime Fest: Asake

Rating: 11/10
Without having to mention, you already know Asake is breaking our scale! Asake always delivers an amazing performance. We’ve seen him perform beautifully in countries abroad, and people couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. He finally came to his own city and left us screaming the entire night! Mr Money gets an 11/10 for his amazing performance in Lagos.

Seyi Vibes Live

Rating: 7/10
The audience turned up in numbers for Seyi Vibes, and that was pretty impressive. However, one couldn’t help but wonder if the organizers had prepared for the number of attendees as the venue was really rowdy and packed with people. This killed many people’s vibes, but Seyi Vibes gave a nice performance regardless.

Stacked December: An Intimate Night with Adekunle Gold

Rating: 10/10
This beautiful night with Mr Kosoko was everything we expected it to be. It was calm, full of vibes, and it was really intimate. Adekunle Gold took us back to the beginning of his journey in the music industry, to him finding a new identity as AG Baby, to Bad Boy Deks and now Tio Tequilla. It felt so inspiring to have seen an artist grow so much over time and achieve all he dreamed of for himself. Of course, he performed all of our favourite songs beautifully. His beautiful wife also graced the event to pepper the singles, but we couldn’t complain as we loved every moment. 

Music, Money & Love with Chike

Rating: 10/10
When Chike said he planned to have an intimate night with his fans, he clearly meant every word. His set was so interactive and entertaining. It was as though he came to attend the concert himself as he was given a beautiful performance by fans who kept singing to him. He also gave away gifts to his beautiful fans, and the night was simply beautiful. Music, Money & Love with Chike gets a 10/10 from us as it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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