What To Expect At Lagos Concerts This December

If you are familiar with December in Lagos, you know that all your favorite artists will be in the city at one point or another, ready to sing your favorite songs to you. As a Weekender, you have most likely gone through our platform to find where your favorite artists will be this month and have learned all the lyrics to scream at the top of your lungs. We are excited for you to have that wonderful experience this December as you sef don try this year. 

It’s the Detty December season, as the only rule for Weekenders is to have premium fun! We’ve got you covered if you plan to attend one or two concerts this December. Over the years, we have experienced several Decembers in Lagos, and we have come up with a list of things for you to expect when attending concerts this December. They are:

1. Crowded venues

It doesn’t matter if the concert is free or if you paid a fortune to be there. You can trust Lagosians to massively turn up for every event in hopes of having a fun time. At Lagos concerts, the venues are always filled with people like you who love a particular artist and cannot wait to see the performances. An advantage to this is that there is never dull energy, as the crowd will always come with the vibe, even if the artists are underperforming. Hence, you can be assured that you’ll have fun.

2. African timing

Punctuality to events is not our strength in Lagos, so you should know to expect this. The artist WILL show up late, and the time scheduled for the event is more or less a formality. However, getting to the event center as early as possible would favor you. You already know that there will be a crowd there, and you do not want to be one of the latecomers who will be as far away from the stage as possible. Only punctual people can pick where they wish to stay to have a clearer view of the artists, and those people tend to have even more fun.

3. Spectacular performances

You know those viral moments you see on TikTok that stay trending for days? Be prepared to experience that! Every artist will want to do something spectacular to keep the audience impressed and happy, and you can be ready for a surprise at every concert you attend. Watching the videos on social media is cool, but being live at the event for such a viral moment is mind blowing, and we can promise that you won’t forget such an experience for years to come.

4. Familiar faces

Your old schoolmate, childhood friend you have lost contact with for years, and even people you grew up with in the same neighborhood will be there! Like you, everyone wants to have fun this December and knows Lagos is the only place to be. So, it doesn’t matter if you are not a Lagosian yourself; there will be familiar faces there, and you can get to reunite with some of them.

5. Security

Eko lo wa o! You have certainly seen clips of Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, and you know artists do not play about their security. We know you are mesmerized and probably star struck, and that is expected. However, kindly forget any spirit that might make you want to run on the stage unprovoked and drag artists at home, please. Secondly, secure yourself and your properties. It is always best to attend concerts with the basic necessities like a fully charged phone, minimal cash, and your ATM card. Anything else is unnecessary baggage that puts you at risk of losing it.

6. Traffic

Lagos and traffic are like two peas in a pod on a regular day, and it’s even crazier during this season as everyone is outside every time. Hence, it is best to leave your house early enough and budget enough money for transport because it will definitely be hiked. You can also check out this piece for the most efficient ways to beat traffic.

Bottom Line!

You will most likely lose your voice and need a lot of water during or after your concert. But we do not doubt that you will be searching for the next concert to attend this December because it was absolutely worth it and it was just as mind blowing as we said it would be. The best part is that we still have your back because our December calendar shows you all the best events happening in Lagos this December. Which artist are you looking forward to partying with, and what song are you most excited to sing? We’d like to know!

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